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    Poised for the Jump in Career

    I'm about 8-10 years older I reckon, and I've been in the technology sector for a long time. They way you describe yourself I'm described to be by other people - but I never did describe myself that way. It certainly sounds like I made less demands and have had less ambitions than you do; but I...
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    Will I be able to move to another job earlier than the end of my contract term?

    Hi All, A small update. I got invited for a management position at a small company. The amount they were willing to pay was huge compared to what I earn now. I got through to the second round, one other candidate left. Basically it was one of the best interviews I ever did in my life. Even so...
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    Will I be able to move to another job earlier than the end of my contract term?

    Dear all, I've been in sort of an occupational crisis for over a year. Since I got fed up with my old job, I switched jobs earlier this year. The only problem is: the job I have now is even worse than before. The base of my unhappiness is "doing the work" but never "being (ap)praised for the...
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    Solar cusp in natal house question

    But of course, epic fail.
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    Solar cusp in natal house question

    Hi everyone, I've got a question concerning the solar house cusps and comparing them to the natal chart. I've run into a chart that has every Solar Return house cusp in the same Natal house. So: Solar return cusp 1 = in natal house 1 Solar return cusp 2 = in natal house 2 Solar return cusp 3...
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    Refuse your "lessons"

    Exactly; and I'm all for the fact of pulling out when your best efforts go to waste. Where that point exactly is, for each and everyone of us something different. Where ever I leave and know I am finished, the people and situations created that gave me trouble will have to know to my...
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    Refuse your "lessons"

    In the end I think it's how "refusing" or "accepting" a lesson is interpreted. Is it the immediate thing you're feeling that you need to conform to, or is it something you need to get smarter on without conforming to that immediate feeling? The lessons I got offered and "refused" (and why): -...
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    Belong to another culture? Past life influence?

    Besides the Nodes for karmic influence, try the position of Uranus. Uranus has a very strong influence on whether you feel like you belong or 'fall somewhere between heaven and earth'. I'm a 10th house Uranus, always felt like I'm the 5th wheel everywhere. From the looks of it, your Uranus is...
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    7/21 Solar Eclipse Conj. Natal Mars Opp Nat Saturn

    I believe we have some similarities to our chart. This SN Solar Eclipse is right on my natal Mars as well (axis 1-7). As I am from 1981, I don't have Saturn in opposition. It's probably the most powerful astrologic positions you can experience in life. As I'm a girl, I'm hoping I'll meet mr...
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    Issues with finding a job I enjoy

    I'm just going to quote and bolded what I read: Somewhat it answers your own question. Astrologically, my eye fell on Mars square Uranus which is quite an explosive combination. That's an enormous mental (or physical) agility there. The sextile with Jupiter just adds to energy to it. You say...
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    Sun in the 8th early death of Father

    I have an unaspected Sun in the 8th house (cnj fixed star Alioth), ruler of 8 in 8 (Merc), and Moon cnj Saturn in 8. Neither of my parents are dead (yet), I've also recently had Tr. Saturn cnj Sun. I have to agree to katydid's description, with the addendum that I think it also means carrying...
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    Solarfire program imperfections

    I'm always having a fight with it over DST. What annoys me is that my virus software completely freaks out and deletes half the executables. >.< It sometimes shuts itself down without no reason, I dunno.
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    My hopeless chart

    My Sun is unaspected and actually completely alone in my 8th house. Mars is in my 7th house in Cancer (Anaretic Degree). Moon is conjuncted by Saturn in the 8th house, where just about the rest of my planets are. Uranus is in my 10th house, Neptune borders the 12th and squares Mercury. I read...
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    Natal indications on marriage/partners

    My data is the following: CANCER on cusp 7 29 CA Mars (Anaretic degree) Mars trine Uranus (10) Mars sextile Mercury (8) Mars square Moon (8) Moon conjunct Saturn (8) Moon conjunct Mercury (8) Moon conjunct Jupiter (8) Not too bad you would say, but I often end up with emotionally unstable...
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    February 9 Eclipse @ 20' 59" Leo

    This eclipse conjuncts my Vertex in the 7th house by 1.5 degrees. The beginning of a series of eclipses in my 7th house. It didn't come up in solar fire at all though, this eclipse. wtf.