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    will i divorce?Can anyone see some aspects in my natal chart please

    As per your chart Since 2013 you are running Jupiter main period and Mars Sub period Jupiter is placed in your 7th House in Saturn sign and Sat being the 7th Lord is retro and is heemed between 2 separatist planets ..this indicates separation and 2 marriages yogs. Then 4th house is your...
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    will i divorce?Can anyone see some aspects in my natal chart please

    Please provide complete birth details with date of birth ,time of birth and place of birth
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    Please read my birth chart?

    AS per your chart you are running main period of Saturn and Saturn though placed in his own sign but he is retro...Placed in 4th House of education and aspects 5th house can take you towards some technical field related to machines ......secondly after July transit of Jupiter would be in your...
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    Could you please read my chart

    Pls provide birth details
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    second marriage or not ?

    Please provide birth details
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    will i divorce?Can anyone see some aspects in my natal chart please

    Please provide your birth details
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    remedies and stones work or its all fraud?

    Anuj Hope i replied to you and asked you not to make an investment just trading or commission related you have Kaal sarp dosh in your chart and your 10th house and 10th lord are badly damaged business would always fail resulting in loss...
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    Please Help. Its Very Urgent..

    dear as per both the charts the girl chart has more afflictions as compared to boy's chart ...and Venus in boy chart is damaged ...match is not compatible may be your family have shown the charts to any astrologer for comparison
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    Career Birth Chart Reading

    If you wish to go for designing ..go for designing related to machines,,architect,..buildings ..
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    what is thwarting my professional progress?

    Dear After 10th of Nov and between Feb 2015 you would get your Job...Finance or related to Computers ..
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    The curse of Saturn in 8th

    Please send full birth details
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    Help Me through this mess

    ok.. the first thing i mentioned was computers.. marketing was second option.. first one is ok,, don.t be depressed sat never allows a person to sit idle,, just wait sat to transit over your birth Sat .. you would learn and see the reality of life ..
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    Help Me through this mess

    DEAR As per your chart ,,, after 10 of Nov you would see some job chances.. and chances to leave your birth place and work in another city.. Pursuing MBA was a good decision.. If you are in technical field or related to computers.. etc ..or marketing related to machines.. vehicles good...
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    My natal chart

    Pls give your full birth details
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    The curse of Saturn in 8th

    No it is not like that Sat in 8th house good.. but a lot depends on other factors.. pls send your full birth details..