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  • Hi there dear Rafaella!
    As always I turn to you, when I need to ask something very important: I have a question about my parents. Lately my father works a lot and he has to travel a lot for his job (and he is by no means young) and as for my mom, she is about to take a trip to see my grandma again (and once again she will be going through an unpeaceful area, so I am worried about her as well (her trip is this sunday), and so i am concerned about both of them, but in a slightly different way...but I decided to combine the two questions (not to bother you with too much work) and ask this: will my parents be okay (safe and healthy) in the foreseeable future? (by healthy of course I dont mean little things like a flu etc, i mean more important, vital things)
    I am asking this question at 00:41, on April 9, 2016, from Paris...
    I will appreciate your insight and will be very thankful to hear from you!
    (you can reply to me here or just as a PM, whatever is more convenient for you!)
    Hi Rafaella, u ve helped me before, pls take a look if u can. I will appreciate it. I am try to learn too, but half k owledge is dangerous, so dont know wht 8th house means in this case!!

    http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?t=92891 Thanks so much
    Thanks Rafaella. , i updated few thing for u, n also pulled up a more specific qs. Thanks a lot, pls take a look on both my threads, i appreciate it:))
    Hello Rafaella,

    I've seen that you are very helpful in answering horary questions. Can you take a look in my chart whenever you have time? Thank you

    It's in Horary Questions on Relational Issues. Title: Love Horary: Does he see me romantically and sexually?
    hello Rafaella!
    you had been very helpful in answering one of mine career related query (posted at Hoary section as "will i become a foreign diplomat"). I apparently cleared the particular exam in question; nevertheless, got stuck at another level and now with the final results being out it is clear that finally I am not going to become a diplomat (also I have decided not to try for it anymore). But I feel really lost at this time (saturn return making a square with stellium of sun,moon and merc, also Neptune moving closer to MC), could you please have a look at my chart and tell me what do you see taking place in my career in the upcoming times? Is my career doomed?
    Thank you for the help!
    hi, Rafaela, I've got some news regarding my ex-boyfriend. I saw him today, he was with some female friends of his and he tried to talk to me rather unsuccessfully I'd say, pretending or not that he was cool and friendly. One thing I noticed was that he was waiting for me to end my little chat I had with a friend of mine although I clearly showed I had no intention of doing such a thing. That's why I'm saying he was acting cool. Should I erect a new horary asking if he's changed his mind as far as serious commitment is concerned and do they ever these people change their points of view in these critical issues? I don't want him otherwise. I'd be grateful if I had an answer from you, thank you again.
    I couldnt send you the pm so i have posted the question along with chart..i have tried to intrepret..so please have a look in career related horary
    :love:Hi rafaella, firstly i would like to thank you for your prediction. As you said i got an interview in july so a good news, its a good position and i will get to know about results in august. I have pulled out a chart for this job. on july 27 there are exactly 3 months after i am done with my graduation and 7 months since i am looking for a job. Now my concern is what aspect should i look for in this chart?
    Thanks in advance..i can pm u this chart so that i can also understand if i am on the right track..

    Again tons of thanks..you guys are awesome..:)
    Hi rafella..I just asked a question in career related horary. But I am bit confused about mercury retrograde and moon in 9th house.. Will you please help me to understand how it works?
    Hi Rafaella..hope you are doing good..please help me out in career related horary questions..for my job..i know its you, who could help me please..i am very upset..:(
    hi rafaella! hope you're doing good.I have a horary regarding my health (something that triggers my anxiety - body image issues/binge eating),and I was wondering if you could please look at that.I have interpreted it,and my own significator is looking good,except my moon which is in the worst condition ever placed in 12th house + detriment.

    Please look at it if you can :) forum/showthread.php?p=477225#post477225
    Hi Rafaella,

    I have finally posted my story and wonder if you might be
    able to look at it.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,

    Hi Rafaella,

    Hope you are fine. I just posted my question on the forum "Horary Question on relational issues". Im waiting for your reply.

    Best Regards,
    Hello Rafaella,

    I don't know much about Horary, but read some of the messages to
    you from others and noted that you seem to be quite accurate.

    Can Horary "see" events which had happened (concerning relationships)
    many years in the past, like 15 years ?

    If so, I wonder if you may help to read my case, either here in
    private, or posted in the forum.

    Thank you,

    Dear Rafaella, a very long time ago I asked you to take a look at my horary question and your answer was very precise (as it turned out later), and I remembered it and today I have casted a very important (to me) horary question -> whether or not my current bf will propose to me soon - and I would love to hear your take on this chart!
    If you have some time, i will appreciate if you step by my thread! :)
    Hi rafaella! I I was the one behind the "Will I have a romantic partner in the year 2013-2014?" thread located in the Horary Questions on Relational Issues forum, the one who mistakeingly posted the natal chart as the horary

    I fixed it the horary chart, and I think I got correct this time, right ? I would deeply appreciate it if you would take a second look at it. And oh, I also addressed and replied to some of your questions. See it for yourself in the thread.

    Thanks and regards. [IMG]
    Hi, Rafaella! I just wanted to thank you for the horary readings you have done for me in the past on the threads that I've started. Each reading was accurate, you are very helpful. Thanks!
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