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    Moon in Cancer

    The bold part of the above quote is done by me, because I feel that Ness22 has made an important observation there. The empathy, the ability to feel (often unconsciously) what others are feeling certainly attracts its share of users and parasites. [To illustrate, I left my marriage over 36 years...
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    Transiting Neptune Conjunct Chiron

    Piscean white rabbit, your experience sounds like a rather full-on Piscean wounded/healing transit, and congratulations to you for recognising it for what it is, and allowing yourself to embrace the whole experience, body aches and all. You will be better in the long run for surrendering to it...
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    Moon/Pluto Aspects

    Without your full chart it is difficult to give much insight, and I need to mention that the best person to figure out how this impacts on your life is you. Having said that, the bit I have highlighted in the above quote from your post points to a common feature of those with Pluto-Moon harsh...
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    North Node Return

    Since delving into Evolutionary Astrology, I have become (even more) obsessed with the lunar nodes, as well I should since: * the ruler of my south node (Pluto) is conjunct my Sun (and both Sun and Pluto square the nodes), and * the ruler of my north node (Venus) is closely conjunct my natal...
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    New website with online astro calculations and astro database

    And maths and astrology fit together like hand in glove. (Retired maths teacher here.) Astrology and music are also perfect partners due to the mathematical component/basis of each. For me, astrology is like the musical notation of the Universe. :cool::cool:
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    New website with online astro calculations and astro database

    kaktuzz, I am very impressed with your website. Thank you so much for your work, and continuing dedication to improving the site. :smile::smile::smile:
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    Please Read Her Chart: Most manipulative, invasive and pain inflicting person

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the statement you have made above. I am more interested, not in how she behaves, but why. I think any attempt to describe her from a natal chart is going to be difficult, given people tend to behave in different ways at different times of life...
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    Chiron in 11th house - friendships

    CrankyCap, given you are having this `re-visit' to your core wounding at this time, and your Chiron is in Cancer, with a Cap stellium, I am wondering whether the current very charged situation between Pluto-Moon's South Node-Saturn opposing the Moon's North Node in Cancer is activating that...
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    Chiron in 11th house - friendships

    Yes, Jupiter in particular in the 10th is a door opener to opportunities in the work/career sector. I have 2 nephews with this placement of Jupiter, and both have had `lucky breaks', with doors opening in places they'd not previously seen. Both now earn BIG bucks, and seem very happy in their...
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    Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

    Well said, Osamenor. Summed up beautifully!! Not everything in life should be examined through the filter of astrology. Sometimes all that is required is honesty, followed through with common sense. Waiting for/expecting others to change is pointless. If something in your life isn't working...
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    Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

    Lion o ness, the quoted paragraph describes me to a T, although prior to the age of 45 or so I wasn't brave enough to act on it. I just walk away, with no regrets. Life is too short to spend it with hurtful/abusive people. It took me a while to accept that I deserve better than that. I always...
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    Jordan B. Peterson

    Thank you for that, savanna. That certainly also makes sense. In my post above I suggested Taurus as an alternate ASC. He's certainly persistent and bloody minded, as well as advocating a practical approach to problem-solving. The 2 x T-squares are interesting also, with his 1st house Mercury...
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    I think my Libra Asc & Scorpio Moon are in huge conflict..?

    I was asking for, as well as placement of Chiron, any natal aspects Chiron makes. Random placements of planets on the chart do not provide insight or clarity. (And even better would be the natal chart itself.)
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    I think my Libra Asc & Scorpio Moon are in huge conflict..?

    Sccorpiomoon8213, thank you for mentioning the positive way in which you have adapted to this configuration, and how you have worked with it. I am curious as to your Chiron placement - both sign and house, as well as any significant natal aspects it makes. This will provide some insight into...
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    Coincidence or do Yod patterns run in families?

    I like it that you and your adopted parents have those commonalities. This does not surprise me at all. I once knew a family who had a child who died from a genetic disorder. They already had a younger child who was unaffected by the disorder. They wanted another child, but were advised to...