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  • you have the same b-day (not year) as my late great granny-who I loved more than anyone. You help a lot of people on here, I just joined- but took notice of your kindness when I was just reading threads. Wish I could just reach right through the internet and give you a great big thank you hug!

    After my lat relationship ended I had been a little curious to know is this all fate or something? As one cannot fail all the times after keeping a clean haert. so there are lot of questions arising on spiritual side for theexistence of soul.
    I belong to country where people draw your natal chart by seeing your face and to ee levels where I heard people can read anything from your palm and faces.

    so still searching on why things have been happening! to realise God is still around us.
    thankyou Raven much love to you, Very understanding, i wish you could be my grandmother, not saying i dont love the one i have now, but yea you seem like a GREAT person
    Hi R4AVEN :) Thank you so much for your reply on my topic regarding feeling tormented,hurt etc. I replied to it-sry it took me so long,I was bussy and completely forgot about it..thank you so much again :) I always appreciate when I hear you interpreting something of mine,your very kind to take time to do it in such details. thanks again! :)
    Hi R4ven!
    Thanks for you reply. It was of great interest for me. I was amazed by your interpretation of my uranus conjunct asc and especially of it's relavance to my natal 4th house.
    I have travelled and consider the 1st place I travelled to at 22yrs to my be home (rome). My family think I am rebellious as I havn't stuck to tradition and settled down, married and had children. They all seem to (except my mother) think that I am very carefree and therefore irresponsible. Which is normal for me and obviously unconventional for them. I think this would explian uranus, Would you agree?. My mother who Iam very close too. my father who was physically abusive to her. She had a what I would deem as a nervous breakdown 4 years ago. although she divorced my father when I was 5/6yrs.
    I dont have a relationship with my father, although I have tried. I do know it that because of his influence in my life I strongly reject and rebel with authority figures in general. (which he was)
    Hay Raven :) If you have the free time and are in the mood for it,could you please check out my chart in the vocational department? :) I could use some insight..it doesn't have to be long at all,just your general opinion or whaever you feel like giving :)

    thanks in advance :)
    Hey R4VEN,

    Firstly, thank you again for posting in my thread labeled ‘literally an Astrological Crises’ on 17/10/2009 (10/17/09 if USA) on astrologyweekly.com.

    The basis of this thread was to seek assistance with my life direction, to show my thanks to yourself and the other passionate astrologers, I have updated the thread so many months later with what the outcome is looking like, and it is much brighter than the first post.

    If you could review this I am sure you will receive GREAT personal satisfaction, but further, you can see where your advice had lead you

    Thank you again, if you think I am over looking a point or so please feel free to add it to the thread and I will reply.

    Thanks again, perhaps one day our paths may cross, otherwise from one stranger to another in this world, many thanks!

    Link to thread; http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?p=204114#post204114
    Hi Raven,

    I was worried my Shiny avatar looked a bit tacky and cheap lol. I still have it saved to my pictures, so when I feel Shiny I will put it back up. I don't feel shiny today :cool:.
    Hi R4ven,

    I just want to wish you a happy birthday, and have a wonderful day. :smile:

    Hi R4ven,

    Thought I would visit your page, I really like your take on astrology. Thanks for helping with all the charts on my Successful Business thread. You were a great help. Sun-Mars was a popular aspect on there amongst others. I guess being self-motivated and not giving up is probably the key to success.
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