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    Micro Research Question: How Did You Spend Feb. 20th (Lunar Eclipse)?

    I look at any eclipse...espiecally solar as a road into a new world. A new beginning..completely.. eclipses used to be feared by those who didn't understand the power.. one can use this power to grow and change into a higher consciousness.
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    Viewing the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse From Neptune

    AM- Yes, you have got it!...different planes of existence...dreams create worlds on Neptune... very quickly.....and since I am such a dreamer, Neptune has always been very compatible... yes. Nep/Rising...what a world it would be..if we all dreamed of peace... ~open your your...
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    Viewing the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse From Neptune

    anyone else astral project? last nite was glorious on Neptune....a planet of the most lovely colours,and the bodies of water are the most irridescent tourquise ...the plants soft blues and pinks, long grasses where the life-forms nestle...and create the wonderful vibrations of peace and love...
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    Writer's Strike!

    Having several friends in the movie, writing industry...I was told that it was a 'corporate' deal...the corporations were trying to break the unions...however, the writers' unions it seems...altho from what I hear, the unions have been weakened...and there might be more strikes. I am...
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    Virgo and sexuality

    and indeed a very informative and exciting thread...I believe that venus is in detriment in virgo, but very 'content' in the I see why!!
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    sexuality discussion

    mmmm, I must agree with venus/ know the French know everything about sex, per se. I have thought of the 5th H as the house of erotica, pleasure pertaining to sex...and the pleasurable things that come from sex, such as children, romance...
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    The Witching Hour

    ...don't give negative energy power..and thought..and it will never bother you..
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    The Twelfth House Discussion Board

    I think unless one has some personal planets in the 12th, one will never understand the energy of this secretive, and otherworldly house...I must add I love people with 12th house placements, having my natal sun/leo, merc/virgo, venus/virgo..all in the 12th. the 12th is certainly an...
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    Gold Diggers

    yes, we do not always know who gives to charity and who does not, one might give alot to charity, but when people sit on 1.6 billion $$, I find it inconsiderate to the rest of the much $$ does one need? i will say for miss mills, it is known that she has worked with handicapped...
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    The Witching Hour

    why is this time so significant?....very good question.... perhaps it is the 'dead' of night..the time of softness, dreams, and stillness that attracts the spirit world...there is a magic in the aire..the night energies..who knows... just a thought i know i love this is a great time...
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    Gold Diggers

    kingsley, you are so funny... well, it will be interesting to see what she does with the $55 mill..if that is the settlement. (this is what has been reported in the media) I think this woman has been given a bad rap...I am not impressed with McCartney at all..I believe that people who are...
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    Gold Diggers

    hello Moulin... no I don't live in the UK, but Heather's charitable nature has interested me. can anyone see a social worker in her chart? i can't seem to pull it up.
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    Gold Diggers

    coffee- i think i know what and who you are talking about...scorpio 8th...i am no authority on this person, however, do we know anything about this person's 11 house or -12th house of karma? from what i gather, this one has done alot of good in this world..and has helped many people..many...
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    The Witching Hour

    12-3am seems to be when the spirit animals roam..a beautiful spirit deer jumped over my convertible one summer night as i drove home down an old country road when i lived in the NW desert. Huge and brilliant, it disappeared into the trees..this was about 2am..full moon
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    A Scorpio Birth / A Scorpio Death

    when my scorpio grandfather died, his bird died too..does this mean anything?