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    How to insert a chart image

    1) Generate the chart using your favorite website. For detailed instructions follow this link: 2) Most browsers will give you 3 options to save the image (right click on the image or do a long press on a mobile): 3) If you choose 'copy...
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    posting chart

    Please follow this link for detailed instructions:
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    Does My Appearance Resemble Pisces or Aries Ascendant?

    And yet, after 42 votes, there is still a perfect balance between Pisces and Aries Ascendant supporters: 50% -50 % ! I guess it is not much helpful, is it? but it's fun nonetheless... alright, so let's say that it's your destiny not to know exactly which one is it. Or this may be really an...
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    Hi everyone!

    A belated welcome from me also :)
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    i need

    This is a 2001 book, most likely copyrighted. Giving you such links would mean endorsing copyright breaches. Please do not make such requests here.
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    Two different wedding charts! 5 days apart!

    My two cents on what else you can do so that you might choose between these three (but first, please know that all these three dates are very good !) - choose the date when transiting planets have best aspects to the natal charts - the Moon is best when in the First Quarter or Gibbous phase -...
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    Earthquake in Haiti

    the right chart for Haiti This must be the right chart for Haiti - the first thing that comes to mind when I think at the country is woodoo black magic: in this chart Lilith is culminating... (as opposed to the midnight chart, took by Lynn from the Book of World Horoscopes as she says on her...
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    Like some more astrology artworks?

    I'm staying tuned: don't be too long ! :smile:
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    Like some more astrology artworks?

    Sure, great idea. That would be preferable to attaching them to this thread, as they will stay related to your profile and anyone could see them. Good to see a nice expression of Mercury retrograde... so bring them on!
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    Like some more astrology artworks?

    I'd be interested to see them!
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    Relocation for vocational reasons

    Very keen observations, thank you. I think you are right on both issues: - Saturn isn't the giver of opportunities, and now she needs one, long hard work isn't good enough for her right now - so she should stay away from Saturn lines - Pluto's transit through the 1st house is an important...
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    Relocation for vocational reasons

    Hi EJ How recommended do you think it is to place the Saturn-Sun opposition on the MC-IC axis? for anyone looking for a career the Sun on the IC would rather favor the life at home, while Saturn on the MC would rather restrict career opportunities to the already achieved competencies. On the...
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    Relocation for vocational reasons

    Indeed, good points everyone... Some more background: she is seeking relocation for family reasons, and looks for those places in France where there are career opportunities. France also includes overseas territories in the Antilles (Martinique, Guadeloupe), Indian Ocean (Mayotte), or the...
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    Relocation for vocational reasons

    Thank you Lilly for your feedback. Mercury is however combust (at almost 7 degrees from the Sun), also retrograde and in exile. As it also has difficult aspects and is also for the 9th house ruler, this makes relocations difficult. Even more as Saturn is located in the 9th house. Last time she...
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    Relocation for vocational reasons

    Hi I have a friend who wishes to relocate abroad so that she might meet career opportunities. Her chart is quite problematic, with many squares (two T-squares), all planets are afflicted except for Venus (also the natal 10th house ruler, in the 4th house, in Taurus) and Pluto (in Libra). What...