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  • Question: does merely putting irrelevant horoscopic charts in a political screed make the posting astrological? Or does it just act as cover for what should be in the chat/hot topics/political area where the astrologers here can ignore it?
    Hi Radu!
    I just read a lot of amazing interpretations you give to relational horary astrology and was wondering if you would be so kind as to take a look on my own question, posted few hours ago. Every time I enter this site I improve my astrological knowledge... Never had heard of horary astrology before and it is nice!
    Hello Dr. Radu,
    I am thinking since long time, to delete my membership here, from more reasons:
    1. I am very long time here and all that has no sense to stay here, anymore.
    2. I feel also since long time, I am not welcome here, anymore.
    3. I do some other things and need my time, to do something good for other people, on my way.
    4. I know it is possible to delete my membership: in one Forum (Belgrade) I wrote many times, to delete me and write that I am just a guest. Finally, administrator did it right: I am there just a guest with the number. There is no trace that my nick name was there (also long time).
    I know, you will write, I don't have to write here and the problem is solved. That is not the right solution: Yelena was my mother, she is dead since long time (I love her name).
    Bobbie (yelena234)
    My email address: yelena234@yahoo.com is deleted. Now, I have email: boyana027@yahoo.com
    Hey, how is everything? I wanted to change my user name because its really old, can you please change it for me?
    I want to change it from Munchi to Plutonian
    Thanks Radu for giving us all the opportunity to communicate and learn from each other.

    You are a Star
    Dear Radu

    Someone suggested on my thread about my zodiac designs that it would be a good idea to put a copyright notice on my page, so I am asking ifthat is possible?

    Best Wishes

    Radu, thanks for creating such a wonderful place. =]
    hi radu,
    i have throughly enjoyed the professional and sensitive nature of this forum but i must close my account .
    how i go about this?

    thanks rahu
    Hey Radu,you have added so many cool features to the forum since I last logged in.I am amazed!More and more this place looks not only like a wonderful learning place,but also somewhere where you can chat and be a bit more socialI am loving this forum,even more than I did almost 3 years ago when I first signed in,just a bit sad that some people who used to come here regularly disappeared out of the blue.Well,but we have some friends and that's nice!Many blessings,Lissa
    Sorry, JJ, are the greenhorns supposed to know about complicated stuff like solar returns or progressions? if so, they may be visit the "grownups" section and post in there, whaddya think?
    Radu! Can you change so Greenhorns Lounge get more subforums. Like a section for Solar Returns and a section for Progressions? Sorry for taking your time this lovely summer but i'm addicted to this forum!
    Hello Radu,
    thanks for helping, it was a cookiething:) not it works. sorry for the inconvenience.
    Aquarius 29
    and thanks for this great forum
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