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  • Good to hear from you. I will try and catch you and the other astro's in the chat room when I can. Take care.
    I watched my 17 year old daughter play doubles tennis yesterday. She's pretty good. She told me that she does it because she remembered that it is what I use to do. She was sick when she played, but she tried so hard to do good. She and the other girl came in second but to me she is a winner. She told me that she was so sore and so exhausted that she just couldn't do anymore. I thought she was great and will be a great lady in her life. She is all Aries. What a fighter. Ha!
    Yep... still do astrology. I have noticed that the conjunction of Merc/Ven was the combination that seems to fit the event to coming back to my daughters. Now in saying that... Merc went retro on the 24th... I called the ex last night to see if I can see the girls on this weekend since my dad just turned 80. She hasn't called back yet. Sooo... I guess I'll have to make another phone call. I just want them to see their grandpa before he leaves to go back to Indiana. Take care
    V/r LionKing
    Happy Thanksgiving Day after!!! Well.... The ex has finally seen it my way and I first saw my daughters three weeks ago. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I have been pretty busy.
    I called the ex up at the middle of October and started to point out the fact that she had to comply to what the divorce court had ordered her to do or we will be making another visit back to the court. She finally relented and I visited with the daughters for an hour in a local restaurant. They at first was pretty shy toward me because their mother was there. But a few weeks later they were more friendly (which was last Sunday).
    I'm to call the ex tonight and see if she will allow me to visit with them this next Sunday because my dad (he just turned 80 yesterday) wants to see them before he drives back to Indiana.
    Sooo all things have been well with me. I hope they have been just as good for you.
    V/r LionKing
    HAHAHAH good 4 u LK!!!! enjoy hooters!!!!!! Im glad that you are doing well!!! We miss you around here!!!! Happy Bday Great Lion!!!
    Hey Girl! Ha! I looked into my email room and saw this old note from you. Sorry! I now work two jobs. I have my own apartment. And I turned 53 today! Ha! I'm going to celebrate by going to Dallas and see old friends and have a drink at Hooters. Ha! Take care.
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