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  • The Aton Jacob speaks :) :
    Hello visitor,Its a lovely day here where i am,The sun is bright,the birds are singing,the Bees are buzzing amongst the flowers,The wind is in the leaves in the trees and the waves are gently lapping the sandy shore,What else do we need? Wonderful friends to be their with us to enjoy it,A very good day to you all.And may the Sun shine wherever you are :)
    May the Christmas season, fill ur home with joy your heart with love & your life with laughter. :)
    hi abh184,I am sorry i did not reply earlier to your request,unfortunately i am lying in a hospital bed after a serious operation and am not able to calculate and iterpret your chart very easily,when i eventually go home to recuperate i will look at your chart if you still want me to.
    Meanwhile my friend i suggest irrespective of astrology that you ask yourself whether your present career choice is really what you want to do as it appears that you are having difficulties following the present choice.Good luck my brother,life is short.follow your heart
    I m 27 yrs old guy still dont have the job which i want. I m preparing for indian civil services exams ,gave 2 attempts but did not succeed ,2 attempts are left..should i try this field or shd i leave this and try in any other area.actually i m trying for an respectful govt job thats it.but i dont know its getting 22222 late..
    Date of birth-18/04/1984
    place-lucknow india
    time 11:15 am ist
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