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    Zollar Diploma Course

    You had many times, said English is not my native language in many posts. I said myself experiencing issues because I concerned my English inhibiting me to be my best. That does not give you any right to keep saying I can't understanding these astrologers because of my English. I tried my very...
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    For the Grumpy Soul

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    Zollar Diploma Course

    Especially English is not my first language. I had came very far to read many classic texts which many native English speakers won't ever bother to learn as they are pure modernists. I collected them with my spare income as a very keen student to see true values of those knowledge. I have almost...
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    Zollar Diploma Course

    I have at least five Zoller's books. I also have The Anthology book. I didn't say that they are not good astrologers. I simply expressed myself understood Brady better; first she speaks Austrialian English where I lived here for more than 12 years of my 30 years of life. I prefer her language...
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    The Great Saturn Return

    Look at the location of Saturn in natal, sign, dignity, aspects, ruling houses. My Saturn in Scorpio in 2nd by Placidus, in 3rd by whole sign. In natal rules my 5th and 6th, also the moon in 5th which is the ruler of 11th. Along with solar eclipse on mercury in 3rd ruler of the ascendant and...
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    Read My Chart

    For lunar eclipse, please remember there is different between New Moon and Full Moon eclipses, New Cycle vs End of Cycle as completion. The lunar eclipse on the 15 of April one. I think is Full Moon eclipse so is end of cycle, something to be completed. I myself is having second surgery that day...
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    Read My Chart

    First, if your birth time/chart is within workable accuracy for predictive work. You should keep a diary of changing as per the Hits from Lunar and Solar eclipses to your personal points of the chart. I share what I learned and you may want to investigate further in the next few years for your...
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    Read My Chart

    I can't read this format of chart well. I would prefer to have orbs in approaching and separating orbs also PDF showing declinations like what they provided in Astrodienst. Just some suggestions of what you may want to look at in further research of your chart. Sun at the last degree of...
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    There is one Forensic Astrologer mentioned by a member of our forum during the discussion on Missing Person's thread. You may want to purchase her book if you are interested in this field of astrology. I am waiting for my copy to arrive from amazon. I am sure it will fasinate you if you have 8th...
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    Ruler of 7th house in 4th?

    I am the same having saggiturus 4th house, Jupiter in Saggiturus Uranus in Placidus 3rd/whole sign 4th close to IC and Neptune in Placidus/whole sign 4th in Saggiturus all ruled by Jupiter as their final dispositor of the 4th in the 4th and 7th as Pisces. Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune are all in...
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    First Amendment Rights Curtailed

    Robert Hand produced 2 parts video in 2008 explained his and some professional leading astrologers their views on the cardinal square of Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn in particularly. I recalled him saying the Liberal Western society will become more restrictive with their approach while...
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    D H Lawrence

    No look carefully, Venus rules the very last degree of the 8th house cusp starting from Taurus not Gemini. Gemini is intercepted within 8th.
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    D H Lawrence

    His ideas, attitude, values toward women and pleasure of having sex with women are quite interesting. His Moon and Venus both in Libra therefore ruled by Venus both placed in 12th house 12th sign in the ruler of Venus in her own home tightly square by Mars in Cancer of his fall in the unit of 4...
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    need experts:will they divorce?

    well you posted the other chart with orbs, what will be the different of posting this original one with orbs then? Part of fortune just the matter of clicking the additional in the bottom?? I have nearly 1000 charts in my data base often have to clear them. I will have to add then deleting it if...
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    Go Ahead...Make My Day!

    Don't ever under the delusion that Chinese/Asian women are soft and traditional:devil: