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  • Thank you Marinka. When I had my arm reviewed, cause that surgeon was also specialized on spinal surgery, he said I would be best to get some physiotherapy to strength the core muscle as you said. Your sciatica is a lot worse. I can still walk around but with pain shooting down leg and in my back to pelvic region randomly. It is bothersome as I can't fully concentrated at work. I guess I would need to start some medication along physio. I just was very reluctant to try medication after knowing too much what they could do to you...:( thank very much for your concern. Hope you feeling better too!
    I just read your message about how your sciatica has gotten worse. I experienced something similar years ago and could not walk for a few months. Once I was able to hobble around, I had to confront the question on how to get my health back on track and the answer was that I needed to exercise so that I could get my stomach muscles back in shape to support my back. Walking was not possible, just too much pain and the same with any exercise that was weight bearing. What worked for me was doing aquatics - I joined a therapy group that did water exercises. This allowed me to slowly improve over a period of months but, it was still about 1.5 years before I was able to walk normally.
    These books are "The Drekkana", "144 Doors of the Zodiac", and the resource for these and related books re to decans, etc, is astroamerica.com
    One can use the M decans just like the "regular" decans are used (whether in Modern Western or in Vedic) Decans show a sub-influence, a shading: say you have a planet in the 2nd decan of Aries: well, that planet is mostly modified in its expression by Aries, but it is also in the 2nd decan of that sign (which in Manilius is Taurus), so, there is also a Taurus sub-influence which also modifies the expression of that planet as well (same with the 3rd division of signs, the duodenaries, which further modify the planetary expression) These sub (and sub-sub) divisions are useful in making deeper natal analysis, also in mundane and certain other special delineative applications; in a way, this ancient concept in the West, is similar to the use of varga (divisional) charts in Vedic astrology, and also, to the Modernist Western concept of harmonic charts as well.
    Richard L. Farr
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