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  • I don't know. The vedics have their own version of astrology. Usually it shifts all the celestial bodies back a sign. They say their version is more accurate, but traditional Western astrology is still more popular amongst the masses, in all the newspapers and such. So if you were born towards the beginning of Aries (late March, early April), that would mean your sun sign is actually in Pisces, according to the vedic astrology...
    Taurus is okay. It's supposed to be loyal and build relationships that last, but the only relationships that have lasted very long are my family of origins. A vedic astrologer switched my sun sign to Aries. Maybe it's a punishment from above for my romantic problems, though the sun is exalted in Aries. :)
    Me? Passionate and intense? Sometimes, but usually only in a negative way, because this Aries moon don't know much about romantic love. Aries moon is arid. Scorpio moons: those buggers are passionate and intense, or dead cold.
    Yep, Virgo rising all the way, sexy. And yep, Aries moon. It is a difficult moon, though it has its innocent side. I have to fight for it to feel all right, or get drunk but that usually gets me in trouble. Oh and you were the Aries sun? Tough. You look like Pisces too. Dreamy.
    Yes,an emotional one. Puls,having an Aquarius sun-Cancer moon battle. The sun is in Leo's opposite (Leo rules the sun),Aquarius,and to top it of,the moon is in it's own ruler,Cancer. Very emotional.
    Ahh...I can agree on the Pisces thing,more dominant than whatever your sun sign is. My Neptune addiction is caffeine...love tea! I don't do decaf tea,though. I again have moon Cancer.
    You have Virgo rising too? Cool....I thought you were a Pisces...the whole "I'm a dreamer" thing. I feel more of my Pisces 7th house too. I also have moon Cancer in the 11th house. I also am an Aquarius.
    hey Piixy, you posted me a chart, it expired before i manage to connect to server... i guess the forum still has some communication problems, i get some "fatal errors" right on top of the page, you could give a try after they are resolved... BTW, thanks for friend request! :)
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