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  • Yeah...no more forum for me after Jan. 1st... I'm still considering doing my own website...that is, if I survive this winter...and if I do, I may move and that will postpone any web activity...the cost of living in Calif. is killing me... I wonder if I can get a good relleno in South Dakota?
    So let me get this streight: The powers that be want you Terminated as of the first? Que se vayan todos al la chingada! Please email me if you want to talk but I hope at least we can stay in touch. Sooooo many astrologers that I respect here at AW are dwindling (sp?) and I miss them as I will miss you. I know that you post a lot of stuff that is over most peoples heads, including mine at times, but I have never found you to be inflamatory, even when you get madd. Love you PTV! You're the coolest dude and Im hoping you are feeling better too!
    Hi Dude! Are you madd at me? I dont really hear from you anymore, and I know that we are getting older and time is precious, tu sabes que te amo un chingo, ok? You are my buddy always y para siempre con un corazon sincera!

    Serafin5 ;)
    ...yeah, I know that my mailbox's full...I like it like that...you'll find me on FB under D.a. Mastry ...if it's that important to you...it's just that I'm getting up there in years where time is starting to get very precious...OM Shanti OM
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