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  • Now living in Nevada. Exiled from California. Which I now think of, aside from memories of my childhood and first 70 years of living, to be nothing more than an obstruction separating beautiful Nevada from the precious Pacific Ocean... ALOHA....!

    Please pass along the name of that other Cayce-astrology author if you recall it. I'd like to make a complete list so I have a full reference point for all my future research.

    Think of a person in a company in a dept. that has the responsibility of coming up with new products or ideas, new designs etc. she's manager of that dept.She gets an idea, realizes what dept of the company to hand that design or idea to, knows what people in what dept should get to work on the idea and realizes who should work on which part and who should do this and who should do that etc.
    So most people should refer to them by the other name given to them, that is as a "Harmonic Rectangle" as that is what the really represent an ability to have ideas and the ability to proceed with the idea that works harmoniously.
    Your best bet is to bet Rudhyar and Rael's book, "Astrological Aspects, A Process Oriented Approach." it gives a better explanation and many example of this configuration along with every other kind one might run across and will give you a greater understanding of how aspects can work together and why.
    Hi Natureschild, there's not much I can tell you about the rectangles other than what you've probably have already read in my posts.
    Everybody is different and a lot of the seasoned astrologers that have been at this 'science ' for years don't even like the term "Mystic" being applied to the cofiguration as it seems to mislead so many people into believing they shoul have paranormal powers or be a natural adept at spiritual exercises such as yoga and meditation and it doesn't guarantee any of that just by it self. The matrix is a trine followed by a sextile followed by a trine and lastly another sextile and is a trapezoid in shape. Trines are ease at some sort of talent or being able to easily access the 'muse'. That is to say clear and inspiration ideas and concepts can come to the person and a sextile is an aspect of management and organization.
    ...cont. above
    hello piecethevale!

    My name is Kayla, or Natureschild, and I am very interested in some of the topics I have seen you post about! Mainly the mystic rectangle configuration- I too have this and have a very difficult time finding balance, possibly because I have 5 activated planets instead of just 4. My whole life is a series of contradictions (earth/water rectangle but all air/fire houses- 1, 5, 7, 11) and this imbalance is causing me a great deal of turmoil. I have tried researching this extensively but don't seem to grasp a better understanding. If you are interested in some in-depth, broad conversation please write me back! PS- your inbox is full! :D
    I'm sorry about the Twitter; I didn't even mean for it to do that because I was just fooling around with it but I don't understand it very well or Facebook for that matter! All they are to me are free apps on my Kindle, that's it, free! Truthfully I hate all that stuff because I don't really have much to say; I'm not terribly verbose ya know? I'm a shy person.
    I hope you had a nice BDay!!! Luv ya! S5
    I'll try and get to it. I've got a lot on my plate, so to speak, of matters of immediate personal importance at this time and I can't find hardly enough time to check the daily aspects and try to keep myself informed of my own astro. conditions.
    I never turn anyone down, if i can help it, though,so if you can be patient I will get around to it. You'll have to remind me of the thread, if you will, please, as that will help me with the limits of time I seem to keep being subjected to.
    hey piercethevale i replied to what you said on my post and was wondering if you could explain what you see a little further...i've had some really crazy things happening that i can't really explain as to why or how and i'm very curious on your intake...thanks :)
    Hi RAI, I'm not a Horary Astrologer. I'm not studied in it.
    I can answer questions based on natal charts. If you'd like, post your natal in Tropical/Placidus style in an appropriate forum and I'll see what i can do...but i am awfully busy this week, so you'll have to be patient.
    Hi..would you please help me out for my job related question in career related horary questions.. seems nobody is helping me here..i am very depressed
    Hi :)
    Thank you for helping me out. I'm now more interested in the 'quintile' aspect I have in my chart now that you mentioned it. And you are right, I've just realised how most of the men I can be comfortable around are the air types..Thank you once again..Have a blessed week x
    I was asked by Skywomb what the flag on my personal page is. It is a flag of antiquity. It is that of Joseph of Arimathea or was created afterward, possibly Arthurian...and, yes, I do know that the band, Type O Negative, used it or something similar.
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