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    What is that

    As to how it works, there are differences of opinion. A popular notion going back to Plotinus is that events in the heavens and on earth run parallel, but this fails to take into account the fact that conjunctions between planets are conjunctions only as sensed from the earth, so sensing on the...
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    explain my pain?

    Pluto has been in opposition to your sun so may have caused inflammation. If so, the greatest effect should have been in October, but as other planets join or leave the combination, some organs may be more affected than others. Have you checked your temperature? Let me know if the problem...
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    My mom's very very ill. Would appreciate any insight.

    If you look at the medical forum of Astroweekly now, you will find various people with various ailments. This is hardly surprising, as they were born at various times with planets in various positions, but about ten years ago, there were half a dozen members complaining of a sepsis of the skin...
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    Unexplained illness for 2 years now... no answers. Is it cancer? Infection? Virus?

    To make a general point: for the sake of anonymity some people are wary of including the raw data - the time, date and place of birth - but if these are just processed into a radix on the basis of preconceptions, the baby may be thrown out with the bathwater.
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    Why did Hippocrates say the following

    Various ailments have various causes. You may suffer from a snakebite, an infection, poor sleep or tripping and falling. Our activites are timed by the rising and setting of the sun (or if we are nocturnal of the sun and moon), and the activities of our organs were thought to be timed and...
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    Depression, Weight Gain and How to Lose it

    How was your depression treated? Do you take any medication? How are you sleeping?
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    If you do have schizophrenia, you are very untypical. Antonio Ventriglio and his team of researchers in the south of Italy carried out a set of investigations into people with 'mood disorders' about 10 years ago and showed that schizophrenia occured mainly among people born at times of little...
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    Wrath of my Gallbladder

    A friend of mine is asking me to check her gallbladder, so I looked at a couple of cases, to identify the planet responsible, and came across your reports. An Indian with gallstones had a precise combination of Uranus with Saturn at birth, and Saturn was moving to and fro over 'your' Uranus...
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    Problematic Acne

    When and where were you born?
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    Lupus In Astrology!

    We were in touch ages ago in connection with this question, but I may know more now than I knew then. The main factor is not astrological in the sense of signs and planets, as shown by the fact - or general assumption on the basis of evidence - that lupus is more common among black Africans than...
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    Astrological diagnosis of Autism by means of natal wheel and charts

    See: 'Effects of Extremely Low Frequencies on Human Health: Theoretical explanations, statistical evidence and possible applications' by Prof. Alberto Saco Álvarez of Vigo University '...we found a negative correlation (-0.83) between the Solar Flux Index and autism in the first year of life...
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    16 Years of Lingering Fluctuating Bowel Problems

    At your birth Mercury rose at 03 00 Scorpio and the asteroid Vesta at 03 16 Scorpio, so they were in close conjunction. Mercury is said to regulate the lungs, which evolve from the endoderm, as does nearly all the alimentary canal, so Mercury may regulate the canal too, and Vesta's presence near...
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    Father - suffering with Kidney problem

    A few minutes difference in the time of birth would make no difference to the calculations, and Lucknow is on the same latitude as Faizabad, so the intervals between planets remain the same. What I have been doing is checking the data more thoroughly, which of course I should have done before...
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    Father - suffering with Kidney problem

    The main oddity about your data is the time of birth, and the missing information is your father's present location. It may not be possible to make a prediction accurate to the week but maybe to a month or two. I have not analysed the information thoroughly, but the most effective combinations...
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    Terrible insomnia

    The insomnia may be due to Uranus' transit over Jupiter, which rose on the day of birth at 18 11 Aries. Uranus is passing over it this year on May 7th and October 20th and next year on Feburary 27th. You posted your appeal on May 8th.