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  • Thank you for your comment, dear Phil!
    I don't know if I should comment back on your page or mine, but I'll just do it on yours. You're very right, saturn-jupiter opp has been very prominent in my chart, both in natal and transit, lately. But it's now moving away. Still there is a transit pluto conj. my natal neptune/saturn conj. Which I don't think is a good thing.
    Obviously this depression is forsing me to take a stand on how i want to live,
    but there isnt any kind of release of it, as of yet. Infact, i think it's getting worse.
    Sleep is an issue untouched at the moment..
    I am on lots of sleep meds and tired all the time, around the clock.
    I'm trying to sleep away the days to make them shorter. It's less hard to live that way. But I am very worried about what will happen when I run out of sleep meds.
    Will I have to return to my no-sleep zombie state? That would surely kill me.

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