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    Will we meet again

    Would anyone have an idea about the timing? And is it me contacting him or rather the other way around? Having Mercury moving towards Jupiter, it's probably me, right? - well, this i can't imagine right now, but maybe, if it would happen later, its of course possible. He was very unfriendly...
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    Will we meet again

    Thanks a lot ElenaJ, - all very interesting and valuable thoughts! Yes, i saw Neptune in 6 as well and thought, how interesting to have him there, in the house of work, where we connected from the very berginning. I missed totally to look after the Moon's last aspect. haven't done Horary in a...
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    Will we meet again

    Thanks for your words! - Yes, i can imagine, Saturn is in the way. (Since i have 7 planets ruled by Saturn in my natal chart, that seems likely;) ) Nevertheless the applying conjunction between the dispositors means what? We both would like but can't make it happen? Or is that too much of an...
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    Will we meet again

    Hello to all of you, - back after a very long break - last night i made a chart with the question "Will we meet again?" - "we" is an old friend of mine and myself. We've been very close some years ago and even a couple for a short time, and then we stopped having contact, when things became...
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    was he honest on his words ?

    I am truly grateful for these words! and absolutely agree from what i live and see and hear! Thank you, IleneK!
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    Help with horary, what are his real intentions/feelings

    Yes, pretty right... And ASC is in Leo, ruled by Sun, and DESC, 7th house, is in Aquarius, ruled by Saturn... that's why. Best, o.
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    Venus opposition Pluto in synastry

    Sorry, i don't know about the composite. She loved him, as far as I understood. She really cared about him. And I remember him saying she had been the only real contact he experienced in those years. He meant, that she'd understand him completely and he had not to hide as he usually did. Just...
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    Venus opposition Pluto in synastry

    A close friend of mine had his Venus in opposition to Pluto in synastry with a woman he was having an endless affair with. IT never got serious and committed. Has been a very sexually based thing. They started as friends and that seemed to be a very fruitful connection so far, but when they...
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    why noone is helping :(((

    Hi dear, - i have Saturn at the ASC, and as well in Capricorn, like you, - and i would say we might tend to be serious about things, not real gamblers in life, - but i'm far from depressive moods. So i guess, your state is not just based on astrology. Isn't there friends or family members to...
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    Square moons long term relationship

    Could we get exact aspects, or time/place/date? The chart on its own doesn't tell the accuracy I'd like to work with.. Thanks, o are invited to send a pm with data, if it feels too public here.....
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    will i see him soon?

    Thanks a lot for your answer! The festival will be end of September. I'm concerned about Saturn opposing Mercury. I told my friend, it looks to me aS if the communication will be stressful....
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    Will I succeed with this work?

    hello to all, another update, - meanwhile we presented our test recording, they have been liking it a lot. - Then the rest of the team misunderstood some parts of it, - which we took as it's still not clear enough what we did. So we, my colleague and myself, started over for the third time. a...
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    will i see him soon?

    A friend of mine just called and asked if she'd see soon the man she had separated from 2 years ago. Background is that there will be a festival late summer where he is performing and she got an invitation to go and meet some colleagues. She is not keen to run into him, - on the other hand, she...
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    Will him and me be back together?

    Hi dear, thanks a lot, i got your pm. right now i'm at work, - will answer later tonight. warm regards, Oleanna
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    When Will I get a new job?

    Dear, what do you mean? This chart is not dating from November, but from June 12th... ??? So, i'd say the calculations base on the chart we see, right?