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  • ARgh..lol.sry darling, I have this weird thingy happening with my comp where I can't see half of the things written to me sometimes...anywho, it's not nececary to check out the topic now :) I've sorted it out somehow..but if you have the time I'd like for you to take a glance at a synastry/composite topic I posted :) I tried my own interpretation but am still a rookie in that department,so if you are more skilled there...please enlighten me :)

    muchos thanks ^_^
    Hey Neptune...could u please check out my topic ''will he be mad once I tell him the truth...'' and give me your opinions...if/when your not bussy,would appreciate the insight :) Thanks :)
    Just sending hugs and best wishes. Thanks for keeping the tarot thread going. :)
    Hi Neptune,
    I think I should have post this last post of mine under Transits. Just noticed that I posted it under Progressions. Can you move it?
    Hi Neptune,

    How you doing? :)
    Sorry for writing you back very late, I had been bit busy with life and thats why couldnt find time to login.

    How's everything with you??

    Good news is that i have heard from all the 3 universities i had applied in. And i have made a selection among 3. And so i have finally got admission in one :)

    It would be great if you will have a look over that chart. That's very personal chart of mine ;) and i have kinda "researched" over it from all the possible angles. Yes, was trying to find a favourable answer but i think, the answer is not in my favour. The charts with which i come up usually have interceptions or duplications or one significator representing both me and the quesited. So, it all becomes so complicated that besides, the readings of the charts with the same dates in the forum are available, i'm just unable to understand my own chart. Major parts of these charts. Rest, I'm going to write in OM and attaching the chart. :) See you there :)
    I have to show you a 'bit' of a chart, which i will send you after cropping that area specifically which is confusing me a lot. (if you will wish to see the whole chart, you're welcome :) ). If you have sometime? That's about a intercepted sign in the quesited house. And right on the cusp, Saturn is sitting in Virgo. So, now you would understand, it is Libra intercepted. who's ruler is in my 5th house. So I'm not sure what to conclude of it.

    BTW, are you horrified by the plane crash incident in Pakistan and that's why you casted the chart for your flight or you do it always when borading a flight?? :)
    I'm usually very horrified about travelling through plane when i see 'Air crash investigation' on National Geographic Channel. lol

    Hi Neptune,

    I saw the final results of my tests and interview today. I was looking forward to the results of two places where i had applied. I'm successful in one place, which is good and I couldnt find my name in the list, which means i am not selected in the other. (However, i believe that something fishy has been done, my interview was too good than mostly people, anyways). I've decided finally that where do i have to go for my studies.
    I'm not feeling particulalry too good about this place but still, i just wish it will be good time here.
    I'm not feeling very fortunate though. I have to apply for scholarship next, which seems difficult due to budget deficit at university (such things happen particulalry when i want them).. phew..

    This is a very long meditation course indeed.. i mean 10-12 hours is a big deal.. Where do you live right now??
    Hi Neptune,

    thanks :)
    So far, i have cleared the interview too at one department and the other interview is tomorrow. I'm not sure how will it go. Yes, nodes are travelling through 3rd/9th axis in my chart.
    I had to travel to other city but so far, it's been delayed first and postponed now. Let's see.. I was excited about that.

    What kinda meditation course are you gonna take??

    I'm also looking forward to the activation of the Solar Eclipse trining my Mars in Scorpio in 7th. I'm just curious lol Still i havent seen anything on that front :D

    Hope all is good at your end..
    Hi Neptune,

    Dropped by just to tell you that the result of one of the entrance test of a prestigeous Department here for Molecular Biology has been declared. I have cleared that and they have called me for interview.. :)
    But i'm still waiting for other results to be declared too(in other departments and universities) to decide where should i go.. :)

    What's going on at your end??
    What does a Neptune conjunct Sag Ascendant look like anyway? Are you a tall, horsey looking broad with big watery eyes?
    Am I allowed to post naked pictures of rats in my profile or is that against the forum rules?
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