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  • Hey thanks Neptune for my birthday wishes, though i'm quite late in writing you back :)
    Hope all is good at your end.. hey is that you in the picture? :)
    Happy Birthday in advance Neptune :) Hope the new year brings pleasant exciting things for you :)

    I have a question.....what does Pluto transit square natal North Node could mean?
    I'm still in communication with Mod Cleopatra...and the announcement about Her being Lonely Red seems to be totally bull. I think you've got some other member in this forum that is responsible for the subterfuge and is computer savy enough to know how to pull it off. Mod has never ever heard of that 'Human Design Astrology' nonsense...I suspected that Lonley Red was some sort of 'shill'...check the verbal repertoire going on between L.R. and the guy that initially asked for...or started the Human Design requests in this forum...that member called pd-something...I mean, come one, that dialogue is sooooo obviously scripted...
    Hi Neptune :)
    thanks for the well wishes :) Had a hard luck though for this exam. I have qualified it but not sure whether i will still get the job because even more candidates qualify than the ones who get the job. This is really frustrating for me, for everyone who read my charts from last year, read that it was going to be good for me. Now, only a miracle can get me this. I'm just too depressed and disappointed. I'll look at my charts for it. Had run a horary but it was in the last degrees (28*). So, i really dont know whether the time to ask this question is over or it is just my mental state.
    What are you teaching?
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