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    Your Favorite Astrology Sites

    Excellent new site: In depth interpretations, moving animation, free astrology video lessons, astrology manual and more. For people that are after depth and spiritual work. Namron
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    Re: Good Astrology Software (for mac) Hi, Yu can try free onlineprogram: Doesn't do relocation, but it is very accurate and comprehensive. N
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    The role of stargazing for astrologers

    Nowadays we learn astrology pretty much from books. I stargaze a lot and tune into planets and constellations. It always fascinated me. And as a result charts feel so alive. Feeling the bigness of Jupiter in the night sky nowadays... Has anyone pondered on this? Early astrologers meditated...
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    Cl;airvision astroloy video lessons

    Re: Clairvision astroloy video lessons Hello Lillyjgc, It's modern. Although it has some specifics, primarily designed for people who are interested in spiritual work and transformation. For example just look at interpretations. They carry real life information for how to address different...
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    Right Ascension chart - how potentials manifest

    Hi ag1road, Yes, RA chart can be drawn from a natal chart. You will have to use a software that has RA feature. Use this one: Simply put your birth data in, then go to draw, configure and lower down select right ascension. Or use the...
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    Right Ascension chart - how potentials manifest

    Hi FleetingDasein, Not sure why it doesn't open for you. Maybe a firewall or similar. What message you get when you click on it? here it is again: and the original site. Go to astrology manual from...
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    Right Ascension chart - how potentials manifest

    Ag1road, You showed a chart from I couldn't find Right Ascension chart option on Can you explain? I wonder what kind of chart were you looking at... Hmm, if aspects become tighter maybe that's not a bad thing ? :59: Yes, you said really cool ;) RA charts are where...
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    Cl;airvision astroloy video lessons

    Re: Clairvision astroloy video lessons I like pictograms - glyphs. I couldn't find much info about them anywhere else... Any feedback on these lessons?
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    Astrology teaching material (manual by Clairvision school)

    And the last part of Clairvision set of astrological tools ;) the manual with heaps of information. It's especially designed for those astrologers who are interested in spiritual-transformation work. Check it...
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    Cl;airvision astroloy video lessons

    Hi all, Check out these free online video lessons on astrology. Astronomy, sky movements, house meanings, angles, retrograde planets etc. :34:
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    Right Ascension chart - how potentials manifest

    Right Ascension chart is a chart similar to natal chart but it shows how natal chart potentials manifest in life, how they play themselves out. How is it different from a natal chart? The celestial equator is a more 'earthy' reference than the ecliptic. This makes sense, for the celestial...
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    Clairvision Virtual Astrologer program

    Hi all, This is a new astrology program. Free, online applet. It has many features like: animation with moving planets, in depth interpretations (check them out!), time windows to predict good times for activities (similar to transits)...
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    My pluto square sun...

    Hi, Fears are not easy to deal with. Try finding part of you that can do things and then let fears drop. You may explore fears, but it may not necessarily be productive after certain point. Rather find the 'achiever' part of you and reinforce it. This will allow the 'can do' attitude and...
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    Clairvision Virtual Astrologer

    Try clicking on a planet's pictogram in a chart for a pop up interpretation. You ever wondered why the default background is black? Of course you may change it in Configure option. It's black because it fosters vision and subtle perception. Try it! Spend some time using black background and...
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    Clairvision Virtual Astrologer

    Anyone tried the animation - chart with moving planets? N