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  • Are you a professional Astrologer? What is you area of interest? Just curious, trying to get know people. This forum is pretty neat, because I've never really interacted with other Astrologers. Nothing serious anyway.
    So that's why Amazon has it listed as "currently unavailable"! You got the last copy. That's probably one more than I have, unless I have one buried in a box somewhere. Don't expect too much from it. It was my first ever published piece of astro writing. My then-wife Judi was a talented printing press operator as well as a calligrapher. She hand-lettered the book, er, booklet, and then printed up a bunch of copies.
    Astrology has always been a form of psychology for me. I mean come on we are studying the attributes the universe has over our lives I think this begins in the psyche..
    That's ok I found it and sent a message..Yea I have studied quite a bit of Psychology it is my major I just started school last year,
    oups I forgot my chart is posted on this thread "Squares on the Midheaven & Endurance questioned" under "Astrology & Psychology" section.
    Yes I joined around October, I am an amateur who discovered astrology during my last summer holidays 2013, by discussing with a professional accidentally..I am still in awe by it...the forum has been very useful, in the beginning I was curious & but it has helped me see some of my flaws (&natal chart's issues in more clear-simple way than psychology) Still searching-reading...Yeah I am trying to be active now that I have some free time to read about astrology.
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