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  • Hi Mr Hyde,

    Thanks again for all the links you post. If there is a good astrology page or book lurking on the Internet highway, you are the expert to find it. Your avatar is gorgeous, I just thought I would tell you again. :wink:
    Thank you cyberfreind mr hyde. Yours is more readable, and it has indigo...
    I'm always afraid of high contrast it hurs my brain.
    Christian Astrology 2 is very easy to find, all you have to do is google it. You'll get like 3 different pages. CA 3 however, now that took some serious searching. How bad do you want it?
    I know! its amazing, its not been babylonned like western astrology.
    Would you say you have planets across the top or bottom of your chart?
    I'd guess the bottom, it seems people who look internally are more interested in dreamspell then standerd mayan astrology.
    Dreamspell - what you do inside youself.
    Classic - what you do outseide yourself.
    In fact, it was the 'preists' or 'shamans' or whatever, who used the dreamspell clendar. The normal folks used the standard.
    Hi Solar i have been reading books about and studying Astrology for more than 15 years now, and the more i read on this forum, the more i realise how litlle i know about it ( its Amazing) some people on this forum are really gifted. And about my charts in my Album i just uploaded for everybody something Vedic / Draconic / Western. See you later -Solar Mr.Hyde
    Thanks for the add.. how are you doing? Hope all is well.How long have you been into astrology?

    I see you have quite a few astrological charts to your name, are you very good with Vedic astrology too?

    Speak to you soon.

    thank you , by the way for ll the e-book and reference sites you have posted..I have found them very useful :D
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