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    6th/12th House in Composite Charts

    my significant other and I have a venus in 6th house composite. We were just really good friends before we even got married. We have known each other for 21 years now. Based on my experience with this placement for us, it is very binding and yes very dutiful, we always felt responsible for...
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    Can you predict your spouse with your own astrology chart?

    I forgot to mention in my previous thread, I have Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th house.... Although Taurus, my 2nd husband is very jovial, must be his sag asc. Just a happy kind of guy, who is very positive in thought, not very possessive, the glass is always more than half full kinda...
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    Can you predict your spouse with your own astrology chart?

    Hello I hope you don't mind me chiming in...I am new to astrology, but, from what I have learnt / read during this one year, is that in a chart, you look to the 7th house. I hope someone will correct me if I am wrong... For both my marriages I married my 7th house, even before I started...
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    Asteroid - Orcus - Can someone who knows about this shed some light?

    Thank you both for responding, yes, pallas-trine-mars, you are right, it is a dwarf planet, doesn't that up its importance....maybe not, there is not a whole lot written about it though, even if it is an option when drawing a chart in Was just curious.....thanks again Moonwillow
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    MOON - PLUTO: depths of the soul

    Wow, this has been an intense read...I like intense.... I have moon trine pluto- Cap / Virgo respectively. I am basically going to quote some of those threads that I have had to contend with all my life......, I have other eighth house placements and a Scorpio rising, plus a venus square...
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    neptune synastry?

    I like this thread....I like cheese too! But I am allergic to Blue Cheese. I had my venus sextile his neptune, and his venus conjunct my neptune with someone.... We were so completely fascinated with each other, did not end well though, I ran.....really fast!!!!
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    Miscarriage and confused Will chart help me to understand my life purpose

    Elle, I am so very sorry for your loss, I have suffered two major miscarriages in my life, one was a premie, and the other 6 months (not quite a premie according to text books). These were probably the most traumatic times in my life, the biggest losses I have had to endure, both of them were...
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    Saturn Square Sun People Posting Here

    My older sister has this aspect, and I have seen her struggles especially in her career. She has an enormous amount of talent and creativity but never acknowledged it, always would bring herself down. She is probably the nicest person ever, but cannot see that in herself. I know she never...
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    Venus/Pluto in Synastry and Composite?

    Firestarter, Nicely Said, there is alot of empowerment and courage in saying, THIS HURTS...and now its enough, I like this " let the wound breathe, feel the sting, dress it again, and try to continue healing and moving forward, applying the lessons to my life and how to be a stronger...
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    Venus/Pluto in Synastry and Composite?

    That's my girl MelissaM! Moonwillow
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    Venus/Pluto in Synastry and Composite?

    MelissaM I feel for you, and yes, you are braver than you know, you have endured much and I know when the storm of emotions settles, you will feel the burden lift from your shoulders and you will find peace. These aspects are tough and and hopefully by the time we have the courage to turn away...
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    Moon Signs

    Sadique Moon in Capricorn can be hard to contend with sometimes, there is an inate ability to detach and get really cold, the feelings are normally blocked for the most part unless when dealing with family or close friends and people we have allowed in our life. I think my sun in cancer has...
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    Moon Signs

    Sun Cancer moon Capricorn scorp rising As I get older, I tend to relate more to my Moon in Capricorn. Interestingly, although I have always attracted mostly plutonion folk, lately, I have found that I now have come to relate more to airy folk more these days. I have just started to notice...
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    Venus/Pluto in Synastry and Composite?

    Agree MelissaM, glad to see you back on this post, as you most probably remember from our previous threads, I was the venus and he was the pluto, additionally I have venus square pluto natally, our synastry his pluto also hit my venus, and my venus hit his pluto, 0 orb. There were other aspects...
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    Transiting saturn square natal sun

    I am so sorry Vista. We need to persevere and hang in there. I know it is easier said then done. These transits are awful. I am already feeling it, especially at work, and Saturn doesn't directly hit till end of December, early January. I guess I look at it like I am getting ready for the...