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    Should I approach this person?

    My own birth chart and hers: SEP 30 90 - 5:54 AM PST JUN 02 98 - time unknown. North American birth. What's happening on the ground... I was browsing twitter, looking at people's thoughts of a movie release I was curious about. I *think* it was the evening of December 26 - like 8, 9 PM?, and...
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    I think we undermine the importance of decade charts

    I always use the charts of major cities, because large cities tend to have a disproportionate influence on culture, economic issues, etc. It's interesting to note that mainland Asia more or less had the virus under reasonable control early on, relative to North America. Tokyo's chart places the...
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    I think we undermine the importance of decade charts

    Perhaps it's all in my head, but it seemed interesting how dramatic the tone switch was from the 70's to the 80's, and the 80's to the 90's - especially in terms of aesthetic and social communication. It was almost like a line as thin as a hair was crossed, and suddenly everyone's sensibilities...
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    Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?

    I'd love to know how this all ends too, because I've been trying to figure out the story of my nodes for a long time. On top of the frustration of having the node signs in the houses of their opposite signs and the lack of distinguishing houses from signs in most astrological literature, I'm...
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    A theory about where you are born and your happiness in life.

    This effect is quite well known, which is why we have mundane charts of events, places, etc such as the day a business begins operations, or the launching of a ship.
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    My natal chart suggests I’ll be unlucky in love - it’s really getting me down

    The effects of astrology, I believe, are 100% real. The interpretations of what astrological aspects actually mean and what bearing it is they actually have on you are extremely variable from person to person. What "luck" have you had so far?
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    North Node Dynamics

    Hi, here is the same chart drawn from Is this what you were looking for?
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    North Node Dynamics

    Hi all, I've started a thread about this in the distant past but would like to revisit it. Still very curious about my nodes. The dynamic involving my nodes actually begins in the 5th house with the moon. It rules my 11th house. My 11th is where the SN is. The SN sits next to jupiter. Jupiter...
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    Chart Drawer for Synastry between Person and Place

    Hi everyone, Just looking for a site where I can pair natal charts with the mundane charts of places. All the synastry sites are only focused on two individual people with no date before 1900 available. Any help appreciated, cheers
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    Do Crystals Really Work?

    if you want something that heals your energy, look for art by people who are very astrologically similar to you and surround yourself with it. I used to collect geological specimens as a child. I didn't have the slightest knowledge about crystal-anything but that I liked how they looked -...
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    Question on 2nd House Ruler in 7th House vs. 7th House Ruler in 2nd House

    IMO it's an issue of cart and horse. Which one leads to the other? 7th in 2nd = lasting relationships, marriage, are etc born through 2nd house activity. 2nd in 7th = income, possessions, resources/talents (both personal and material) "born"/acquired through relationships. When you do a...
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    The 2020's.

    So, any takes? Really hoping it isn't as stuffy as it looks to me personally. What's an interesting and possibly weird dynamic is the fact that the NN sits on the midheaven, while opposing a huge amount of Capricorn energy. For those in eastern timezones the moon is earlier in the 5th; in...
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    Observation about Negative/Positive signs, through one decade

    Am I the only one who looks back at 1980's pop culture and notices a stark difference between the early and later part of the decade? Picking an example, how about music videos. During the early 80's, music videos were pretty bright and cheery, off kilter, very zany in their themes. Even ones...
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    Good Cities for Libra/Libra rising people?

    Anywhere in western Croatia. Urban Sweden. San Francisco. Socially liberal areas of Japan. Modern Paris. Astrologically these do not necessarily share anything in common with Libra but they're environments that cultivate Libran energy.
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    My Nodes

    I see... sort of. I am at a point in life where I don't feel capable of much, not as much as I used to be. It seems as though no matter what I do, when I try to do something, it fails inevitably. I've become very pessimistic. I don't really, honestly know what to make of your summary, but I am...