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    life prediction

    This is a very time consuming question that you have put. You are better advised to consult a local astrologer.
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    Sun-Moon dasha

    Do you mean the dasa of the Sun and the dasa of the Moon, or the sub-period of the Moon in the major period of the Sun?
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    Job prospects?

    You are in a favourable period for getting a job till the end of October/2022.
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    Mars current transit question

    You are under the major-period of Jupiter for the next about 15 years. In Jupiter major-period the sub-periods that may cause an accident are of Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun. It is not necessary that you will be involved in an accident during each of these sub-periods. It will depend on transits.
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    Mars current transit question

    Data given by you is highly inadequate. Please give date, time and place of your birth. Also please give the date of the earlier accident.
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    Mars and Rahu together in navamsa.

    In any divisional chart (this includes navamsha too) when two planets are related they indicate that happenings related to matters governed by the divisional chart will happen when the planets are operating jointly. Further if in a divisional chart a raj yog or a good yog is forming it means...
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    Marriage Delay

    Saturn in your chart is exalted in the seventh house but it is debilitated in the navamsha and loses much of the ability to do good. Its presence with Mars in the seventh house has been the cause of inordinate delay in your marriage. Jupiter exalted in the navamsha and in its own sign in the...
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    Career Prospects?

    You have entered the major-period of Venus since early January/2020. The sub-period of Venus is operating in this major-period till early May/2023. Venus is placed in the twelfth house of depletion and loss, though in its own sign, with Ketu. This time is not favourable. Hence you are not...
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    Soul purpose

    Your Ketu is in the ascendant. You will be worried on account of your wife and children. You may be troubled by enemies and rivals. You may decide to start religious and spiritual practices. You should guard your health in this period. You may earn from abroad. You will have a good career in...
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    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    In Vedic astrology a birth chart based on the exact time of birth is made for the place where birth took place. This is taken as a permanent chart and even transits are seen from this chart. The concept of changing the effect of planets by changing the place where one is living does not exist...
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    Foreign land & child

    If your birth details are correct there is a hope of having a child before the middle of 2024.
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    Carrear in bussiness or job last period of ketu dasha ?

    You are in the major-period of Ketu since April/2017. This is not a favourable period for success in making money. The major-period of Venus follows that of Ketu from April/2024. You will be successful then. Make your wife a partner in your venture. Keep a watch on your health.
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    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    Yours is an interesting chart. Important is the sambandh (close relationship) between Jupiter and Mercury. This is a clear indication of marriage happening in the major-period of the Moon. There is delay in marriage since Saturn is playing its role in the chart. In the major-period of the Moon...
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    Hii Madam,

    Data given is inadequate. Please consult your local astrologer.
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    Career need suggestion

    My reply above is clear. Job in the next one year. Improvement in status and job from 2032.