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  • Hello Mr Mathur,

    Hope you are well. I been following for post in the forum for a while and am really impressed with your knowledge.

    If you dont mind, could you please have a look at my chart and try to help me to decide which career path should i choose ?

    Thanks in advance.

    29 may 1994
    Pali, Rajashtan

    Thanks again :)
    Can you read my chart?
    I have attached divisional charts for your perusal.
    Please help if you can
    Dear Mr. mathur

    Can you tell me about my career please.Will I do well and will it make me happy.As regards marriage which you have predicted as delayed,can you shed light on my career.Will I make a name in my career?Is there chance of me getting fellowship abroad?
    Thank you
    Purvi D

    Birth details
    1st Dec 1979
    10.39 pm
    Mr.Mathur, how can I pay you for me and my sister?I am interested in Answer to a specific question and General reading for three years.

    I am looking into a chart of a friend of mine and he is going through troubled times.His birth details 4th Feb 1971,time-19 35 pm and place Calcutta.

    He is vrisabha rashi and simha lagna and his moon is aspected by saturn at present.Also he is running Jupiter dasha and rahu antardasha with saturn aspecting his 6th house.Natally mars aspects his 7th house.Is there a probability of divorce during this period?Or will there be unhappiness on the home front only?

    I will like to know if I'm going to have another child. I've been trying with my husband the past four years to conceive. I've had 5 iui's and 3 ivf's.
    My first child I conceived on my first try why am I having such a difficult time to conceive again?
    My birthday is January 10 1969 1:14 a.m. in Jersey City, New Jersey U.S.A.
    Please help me I really don't know where else to turn.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
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