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    Signs of Health - Is Your Health Ruled By Your Star Sign?

    I'm surprised. I would have thought Capricorns suffer the most from depression--or even Pisces, plus from other mental ilnesses.
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    health issues

    I would like to know if this physical problem I am having is serious. An astro site to which I once belonged use to send me e-mails. It would say 50% this, 80% chance of that, etc. A couple months ago I received a 100% chance of a health problem. NEVER got anything that said 100% before about...
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    What type of man is for me?

    Are my expectations too high? According to my chart, what type of man would be "perfect" for me? What should I look at in a man's chart specifically, who will complement mine and we will be compatible? I've asked this previously to other astrologers-- Is there the PERFECT astrological...
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    Has anyone here ever searched for love by seeking a person born astrologically...

    Checked "cosmitech." Can't find how or who to connect with exactly that will give me the birthdates of people the most compatible? Help!
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    Hi all, (Hope I have the right forum and someone knows about this.) Watched this documentary about Nostradamus. It said that Nos referred to or "discovered", or something, this constellation called Ophiuchus in the space between Sagitarious and Scorpio. This 13th constellation is suppose to...
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    young soul

    Once had an astrologer look at my chart and tell me I was a "young soul." Where did she see that? What was she looking at? How can you tell? And what is a "young soul" exactly? Aren't all souls the same age? So, does that mean I haven't chosen to reincarnate as often, or that I haven't learned...
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    On an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, an astrologer compared the charts of known serial killers (sociopaths) and found significant astrological similarities in all their charts. Can someone tell me where one would look in a person's chart for signs of sociopathy? And--if an astrologer was not...
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    something always happening in a year that ends with a seven

    My brother's wife recently left him. He informed us that it appears to him that something significant--usually BAD--seems to occur with him in years ending in seven. It began in 1967 when our father died and has happened every ten years since. Is there an astrological aspect to this happening to...
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    What exactly is horary astrology, anyway?

    Recently posted something in this forum about relationship issues and was told I posted my question in the wrong forum. What exactly is horary astrology and what issues--if I want to post them in the future-- may I ask in this forum? Maries
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    Is your ascendent sign primarily expressed during childhood?

    My mother has told me that when I was little, I was very well behaved, quiet, never any trouble, always did as I was told --in short, a "good girl." Also-- my kindergarden teacher described me as "timid." When I hit my teens, I changed and have remained more of an impulsive, volatile...
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    astro Ambivalence

    Sent this posting, inadvertently, to the wrong forum-- and received a definite-- what does this have to do with THIS forum, so hope one of YOU can help me. Took this astro test to see which sign was best suited for me. The first time I took it--months ago--it said one sign was a good match. The...
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    best astrologer

    Among astrologers, who do you believe is the best and most accurate astrologer living today? Is there a basic concensus? If I went to a Medical forum, I am sure there would be recommendations of, at least, the top five doctors in a partical field. What do you think of Astrologers...
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    Astro test for romance match

    Nothing, I guess. Posed my question for the wrong forum. Sorry. Thought I put this in the "Relationship" section. Maries
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    Astro test for romance match

    Took this astro test to see which sign was best suited for me. The first time I took it--months ago--it said one sign was a good match. The next time I took it just recently, I must have answered the questions differently because it said something else. The results of this most recent test said...
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    Profession and talent in writing

    I'm getting mixed messages from astrologers. I receive a personalized horoscope every day. I've recently been trying to write again. Just at the time when I was concidering this, my horoscope said, " You are being unrealistic in your talent." Okay, but other astrologers have said I DO have...