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    Mars / Uranus / NN conjunction

    Thank you. And I would enjoy it being positive. Do you have a death chart example that clarifies what you were saying in your post? I will look some up too and see if I can't make sense of it.
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    Mars / Uranus / NN conjunction

    It's in the late degrees of Taurus and going to be in my 12th house I believe. I'm researching, but Mars / Uranus there makes me uneasy. I'm actually afraid I'm going to die or something. Are there
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    Is An Employee Bringing Drugs In?

    Plain and simple. Is an employee (as in Coworker) bringing drugs into the facility? It would obviously be illegal if so. I'm looking at Moon and L6... It fits into a conversation I had with someone where they mentioned they thought it was a male bringing substances in. And in the chart you...
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    Will work go smoother this week?

    Hello :) I DO want another job, and I almost had one but it got removed due to budgeting. I have applied to other positions outside the facility, however they are on a hiring freeze until they sort out pay because we just got a percentage raise, but it wasn't enough. To update on the question...
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    Will work go smoother this week?

    The job I've been at for a couple of months (a facility) is... not what I expected to say the least. Last and this week have been making me Big Mad. I'm continuing keeping my composure, but something within is getting fed up being bossed around all the time (this is in general too, I just need a...
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    Will I get the job?

    With Saturn being in the 6H does that mean it's someone who's been working there longer, and in Aquarius maybe knows more people? Or is that a big leap to make with the position...
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    Did Amber really poop in Johnny's bed?

    I'm going to say yes. I found an old column here discussing what sign represented toilets, and down the ways someone said Scorpio rules eliminative body parts. I think it's interesting how Scorpio rules the 12H in this chart, and Mars is in Pisces, who although rules the EOM house, is in...
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    Will he win the lawsuit?

    Well, based on this chart I did tell him he would get good news from his lawyer this week and he did. The lawyer advised him they would be including an additional company in the lawsuit, said he was connected to the most powerful property lawyer in the Southwest (I mean to me "connected"... )...
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    Will he win the lawsuit?

    And I don't know how to say it in a fancy astro way, but I see Moon is also squaring Mercury in the 11H. Mercury is in Taurus, which ties back to Venus, and therefore connects to the end of matters - 4H ruled by Libra. Basically yes, he will win via a third party, more than one party (as he's...
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    Will he win the lawsuit?

    I thought that too, I just didn't really "like" it being in Aquarius, or the 8th house. The 8th is the turned 2nd of the 7th and I'm unsure if that's denoting THEY will win instead. However, I guess it could be spun like ...the 7Hers are "separating" Aquarius = separation, breaks, from their...
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    Will he win the lawsuit?

    My boyfriend is suing a company for shoddy, incomplete work and damage to his house. Will he win the lawsuit? Lily says this is a L1 / L7 (boyfriend L1, Company is L2) matter and if both sigs are conjoined, the parties will settle easily. He then goes on to mention the 10th house and see which...
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    I hate my Mars in pisces

    I have no technical input other than to say I usually see bosses and higher ups and people in positions of authority have Mars in Pisces. Also we have free will so I don't understand hating it, but maybe that's meaning something different to me than it is to you. *shrug*
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    Pisces in your chart

    What house does Pisces rule in your chart and what time do you go to bed?
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    18 degree

    You're probably referring to Degree Theory which I believe was largely popularized by Nikola Stojanovic. 18 degree is a Virgoan degree and going off his example with the carpenter making the bed for his wife, it adds a minimized accent to the planet / sign. 22 degrees is the "kill or be killed"...
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    Ascendant Taurus, effect on way of talking?

    Your rising sign is the lense in which you perceive the world, imo. For example my BF also has Taurus rising and he's def a skeptic until proven otherwise, and a self-proclaimed "number cruncher." However, he has Mercury in Capricorn and so he thinks in facts and things that are tangible, is...