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    am dreading my saturn mahadasha ...! someone guide please.

    Yes, I am walking on the treadmill and it is doing wonders for my eyes and knees! I've just been reading about the System Approach to Indian astrology by V.K Choudry. I recommend that you read his books and David Hawthorne's book. You'll probably want to perform remedies or get a Kavach for...
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    am dreading my saturn mahadasha ...! someone guide please.

    Thank you. I am starting to walk to hopefully get my knees into better shape. I don't think saturn will be fatal for you if you are taking precautions for your health and proper medical advice. I am sorry to hear about your chronic allergies and hope that your cough and health issues go away...
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    am dreading my saturn mahadasha ...! someone guide please.

    I think you're too young for it to be fatal. I'm in my venus-saturn dasha and about to turn 35. I can tell you that I feel older - chronic gastritis, occasional knee pain, eyes don't work as well. Saturn may bring chronic health problems (not necessarily debilitating - just aging). My venus...
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    Astrologers: What's on and in your third house?

    Scorpio is on the cusp of the 3rd house. Uranus is conjunct south node in Sagittarius. Transiting jupiter will conjunct the south node/uranus postion Jan 2 - Jan 11 and trine moon in Leo during that time. Looking for good luck!
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    Speculation/Lottery Prospects During Venus-Saturn

    Thank you for the generous advice, sir! I bought lottery tickets with venus contacting saturn. If I win big, I will certainly buy an astrological reading from you! Good luck to you, mathur_dinesh.
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    When will I find full time employment again?

    Virinchi, thank you! I have a stomach issue that has prevented me from doing physical work and now my eyes are bothering me so you are spot on about health problems interfering with work! Anup, thank you friend! It is good to hear that there may be good news on the horizon in the career...
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    Transiting Jupiter conjunct Uranus? What's your experience?

    In July 2007, I was involved in a total loss car accident. I received a windfall check to cover my car as it had high resale value. Uranus is in the 3rd house sextile mercury and trine the moon. Mars was transiting the 8th and mercury (chart ruler for my Virgo rising) was most likely...
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    Any redeeming aspects?

    Sun in Libra sextile moon/saturn/uranus conjunction would do a good job of letting you detach from your emotions allowing you to express them in a less intense way if you so choose.
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    What's the difference...?

    I'll also add that planets are more powerful than signs. Signs just hint at how the planet performs. I have personal planet mars in Scorpio - so my mars acts in a Scorpionic way - I take covert action when I want something and try to avoid detection to my plans (secrecy). It is conjunct...
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    What's the difference...?

    These are all different things. Capricorn-Scorpio Sextile I have this - Pluto in 2nd to Jupiter in 4th house. Link of planets that perform better with time (Capricorn) to planets that act with intensity (Scorpio). Saturn Aspect Pluto - more of a generational aspect but responsibility towards...
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    Is it really bad to have SR Sun in 8th house?

    Yes, that's right. SR sun will always show up in natal 2nd for you. You may want to do some research on neptune transiting the 8th house as you will have that for years to come and will impact things like inheritance, taxes, windfalls, etc...
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    Is it really bad to have SR Sun in 8th house?

    In Feb 2016, I had SR sun in 8th. I was informed that I was laid off from my job on 3/17/2016 - St. Patrick's Day! I received a nice severance package and unemployment for most of the solar return year. I wanted to get let go anyway. In January 2017, I sprained my knee - it did not require...
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    When will I find full time employment again?

    Hello, Can a Vedic astrologer or student give me a hint as to when will I find full time employment again? I would much appreciate your thoughts.
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    Transits for money and resources

    Transit pluto in 4th sextile natal mars/saturn in 2nd along with transit uranus in the 8th - received severance package and unemployment. Transit jupiter in 10th and 11th - received promotion with gradual, but substantial pay increases.
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    Worst chart you've ever seen?

    Any chart with afflicted moons take the cake. My grandma has a moon-saturn conjunction in Pisces (dont know the house) and she's led a miserable life. She consulted an astrologer and the astrologer said her chart was too terrible to read! That seems a bit unprofessional. I've seen a lot of...