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  • Many years back while coming off an especially good trip, 12 positions of reality became manifest to me. I would like to throw them into the ring and see what others thing about them.
    Hello, Lilly~ I am Larxene from Asia :)

    I would like to send you a pm but your inbox seems full~ :) Please check your mail when you can so that I can pm you. :)
    Hello Larxene, I'm Humanitarian, from Southeast Asia/Southern Europe
    Do you know that she died in 2010?
    Good-bye Lilly. *Leaves from a Cherry Blossom tree glide with the wonderful breeze*. May the Heavens love you always and forever!
    Lilly, I think I'm going to have to change my article from aspect template to one demonstrating Ascendant principles of body and personality with real chart examples. Its obvious now to me that I need to give meaty real-life examples demonstrating what I've been mentioning in threads related to Asc/appearance, etc. Its been too hypothetical and sketchy for people, so I'd rather do an article. I know its been a while since I've mentioned it, but things have been a bit crazy and busy around here.

    Let me know what you think.
    hey lil, i have a horary question, and i'm pretty confident its a good one, can you just help me out for a second?
    I'd like to include a post on the Educational board outlining an aspect interpretation template

    I write you about my article on Education board "Horary sports astrology " and ask you to change my last sentence in that text because of wrong link, so that sentence has to be:
    "To see how all these rules works visit my site: where you will find a lot of examples! "

    Thank you so much.
    Lillyjgc, thanks so much for your interpretation. I have read it several times. I was hoping that you could tell me what you mention by this as I am looking for the layman's definition. Thanks

    The positive transits to look out for are planets arriving at 25 degrees Aries-coming up soon, as they sextile your natal jupiter and planets late in aquarius, where Neptune currently is and jupiter was, not long ago-These planets would be sextile to your natal jupiter.
    Hello :) Thank you for the input about synasry chart, you've mentioned it would be good to have both natal charts with degrees, would you look at it if i;d send you it? :) Thank you

    Hi Lily

    Thanks for adding me to your list of friends. I was gping to send a regular message, but I sill can't find my way among the new formats....
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