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  • So you really think everything happens for a reason? Everything that i experience has some higher purpose? Every experience is connected by faith?
    I'll have to chew on that one. Or, I chew on it everyday, actually.. What is certain beyond doubt is that we don't know 95% of what's going on. Maybe there is no purpose, though. Maybe it's all just plain physical force, maybe in the very core of myself there actually is no soul. I'm not saying I believe one way or the other. But what if there is no higher reason?
    But do you really believe in anything? I mean, I certainly feel that astrology has a lot of truth to it, I do believe that we are all influenced by the powers of universe, but does that mean that there is a higher conciousness? It would be great if there was, but I dont' think there is.
    I agree, it's really scary. If I go too deep into it I get kinda paranoid. But it's so fascinating and mysterious at the same time..I think you are very good at interpreting though. I think you communicate so that it makes sense, instead of using all kinds of terminology that makes you feel you are in a religious sect, if you know what I mean. Yeah your smileys are funny, eccentric like the Aquarius!
    Lol! Yet another weird smiley! I think you should be a proffesional astrologer.
    I have traveled a lot of Aisa, where you won't get far with English anyway. I think I'd do alright :) Hmmm cool!
    I'm starting to realize though, that I think it is like that everywhere. I used to think people were like you just said only in Oslo where I live, but unfortunately, my experience is that when it all comes down to it people are the same everywhere. No wonder it's hard to trust people :p
    Omg, earthquakes and tsunamies?? That was a fairly dramatic thing to put in a travellers ad. Why isn't it a good place to stay?
    That coming from an Aquarius doesn't surprise me, lol! I have never been to South-America. That or Africa will be my next travel-project I think. How is Chile?
    Hola! For some reason you always put a smile on my face, maybe it's all those weird smileys you always post :) I am bilingual, I speak Norwegian and Hebrew. Live in Norway, though.
    Lol, it's a minor storm, no worries. It's really nice to sit inside and listen to the rain and the wind outside. How come you're so good in english? I don't get it . YOU'RE 21!
    Haha, that is funny :) There's a storm outside which is an excellent excuse to stay inside and read posts on here...Getting addicted I suppose.
    I did rock my exam btw (I think). Really happy to be done with the semester! Considering going travelling, as I am not attached to anything for over a month, but I don't know if I can afford it. So, can I hear your music somewhere?
    So cool that you play progressive rock! i thought you were more of a hard metal kinda guy :)
    That was just the worst.... Got two hours of sleep. Don't get it cause I'm really not nervous about the exam. Still, I was so tense for some reason. Now-6 hours of writing. Hope I won't be too tired... Good night¦
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