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    Will we be intimate (in 2016)?

    This is an example of a chart where the Ascendant is in the first three degrees of a sign, and as Lilly warned, it was too early to know the outcome for certain. Aptly, you later noted his interest in another girl, and presumably more than one month after the question has been asked, the result...
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    Some information about my chart.

    Mmm, I have to note that Mars and Mercury also seem to be making a phase. Unless Mercury is slower than the Sun, he would be heliacally rising. Mars is heliacally setting. In which case it's a contest between Mercury and Jupiter, because when several stars are in phasis, the one arising is more...
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    is venus beseiged in this chart?

    It's not great but it's better than being done in by two malefics, especially Mars who is placed to its Detriment. Terms like 'translation of light' and 'collection of light' were introduced by later astrologers, according to what I heard from Chris Brennan. So no, this isn't about translation...
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    is venus beseiged in this chart?

    From a Hellenistic standpoint, no, it is not besieged because both the Moon and Mercury cast a ray in between Venus and Mars, which breaks the besiegement/containment/enclosure, whatever it's called. Now if those two planets don't actually cast a ray in between the two malefics and Venus, then...
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    Pretty, prettier, the prettiest please!

    I have never done Synastry before, so take this with a grain of salt. An article in Seven Stars Astrology briefly mentioned one of the points that Ptolemy raised with regards to Synastry ( In it, he said to ensure that the Lights of both charts (the Sun...
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    Need advice about elective surgery!

    It's probably because not many people specialise in electional astrology here. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend doing it during Mars retrograde. But if it is absolutely necessary then you'll have to make do with what you have. Since there is still some time, your options are either to a) find an...
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    Beginning of bad times....direction in Career......Urgent

    Hi, can you recast the chart? It's too small for me to see. Larxene Xenohart
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    A Traditional Reading

    Can I join a bit on the ramble? Trying to release some accumulated stress. ;) If we examine the trigon lords of the sect light, we find that the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are all in pivotal signs. The Sun and Saturn are received by Jupiter, who is the benefic of the sect in favour, in his...
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    Read My Chart- Love or career?

    Hi PlutorisingLee, From a traditional perspective, I believe that love is more central to this life than career. Using the natural significator of marriage, we have Venus in the 9th Place in her domicile. She is contrary to the sect in favour though, and although the 9th Place is favourable, it...
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    Worried about the future..

    Hello Nino, I have comments on many of the things you said, but since I am busy with my school work, I will just address the main issue here. Well, this is a coincidence, our birth charts are quite similar. We were probably born on the same year, so I can see why you developed some kind of...
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    Worried about the future..

    Is it just me or is the image distorted? Like the lower half of the chart bends in a weird way that prevents me from reading it properly. Can you repost your chart? Larxene Xenohart
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    acting predisposition?

    Your Venus is just so strong that it probably overwhelms all the lesser, non-desirable factors. Larxene Xenohart
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    I really don't know what to say...

    Hmm, extra note. Since Jupiter is Lord of the 5th, I was thinking about children, but I suppose leisurely and pleasurable activities are also part of this place. So yeah, beautiful women looking for money and recreation. Thankfully, they aren't malicious, since the Moon is of the sect in favour...
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    I really don't know what to say...

    Hello Iceyou28, Mars dominates Venus in a square aspect. Looking at the natural significations of both stars, this shows troubles and arguments in love relationships and marriage. Mars retrograde also shows delays and hesitations with regards to similar things. In terms of finding love, it...
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    acting predisposition?

    Hello Santama, Let me answer this briefly. In general, Mercury and Venus as significators of the profession will make one suitable for acting. Looking at your chart: 1. None of the three stars (Mars, Venus, Mercury) make a phase. I note that the Moon applies to Mercury and receives it in her...