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    Do you look like your ascendant?

    Very much.. Libra asc.. don't mind looking like Leonardo Dicaprio, Norman Reedus etc. Though they're boys, they have the same vibe as me..
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    Pluto Transits

    Feel like I've fallen into a state of an autistic person.. which I actually don't mind since I think it's the more true one of the delusional world around me.. The problem is colliding with the dominating world of humans around me.. Don't like this feeling at all.. The best result would be...
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    That painful feeling of not belonging, of not fitting in..

    Hello Alitta, I'm going through quite the same feelings, unfortunately. I have to find my motivation to keep my head in one peace every segond by segond. Though I believe the pressure caused by the religious system in Tunisia must be a bit harder than the situation as a whole I'm in. My...
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    What planet or placements determine how you dress?

    For me Libra ascendant, there should be harmoniusness in my overall appearance.. Venus Leo, I like somewhat extravagant clothes.. I like practical clothing.. I have to be able to move, be natural. My style would be something like Kylie Minoque's with some gloriousness, and easyness. So...
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    Killer Tornado 20 May 2013 Moore, Oklahome

    "The tornado tore the roof off the school about 3 p.m. local time"
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    11 Degree Cancers

    My internal emotions cause external events.. Find it impossible to have relationships..
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    Critical Degrees

    According to this, Saturn 3*59'34 Saggitarius.. Venus Leo 20*35'27.. Saturn and venus have felt my strong points.. Gemini moon 0*17'46 would not be 0.. Is that is the definiton of a degree mentioned above.
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    11 Degree Cancers

    The exact degree of the exact pluto square uranus 11'14 which happens to be my cancer sun's degree (11'13'46).. :crying: Anyway, I have been feeling like a nuclear bomb for a while... :alien: :devil:
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    I'm crancky a lot, Cancer sun. I have a trouble setting my real boundaries, Mars capricorn IC. Therefore turn the anger on myself.
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    Eating Disorder in Natal Chart

    Eating disorder from age 14 to 22-24.. It's self destructive/compulsive behaviour, pluto thing.. Saturn does restrict you.. Have 8 th house moon, opposite Saturn. 2nd house -the body- Scorpio, pluto 1st house, Saturn in 2 nd. I think all in my mother's side family (females) have a...
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    Voice and Astrology

    Sun in Cancer, moon in gemini, tinkerbell voice... Sometimes bitchy way of speaking with personality of Leo Mercury square Pluto.. Coldness and authority often due to Saturn opp. moon.
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    Saturn Opposite Sun

    The restrection comes to your ego, your space in the world... Only things on a solid foundation in your life will stay..
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    Anyone going through transit Pluto opposition natal Sun?

    Letting go, the monster within...
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    astrology and your blood type

    Dunno, but a purely supernatural hunch would be O type with cardinal signs, A and B with fixed sign, AB with mutual
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    Are you a Manly-woman or a Feminine-man under The Asc Mask?

    I'm a girl, Cancer sun. Outside Libra asc woman. Boyish nature, adrogynious mind.. Gemini moon, leo venus + mercury, etc.. Manly spine, mars capricorn