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  • Hi,
    Since the msg was long, I posted it in 3 posts.
    Please do let me know your comments.
    Comment: Had problem of piles in childhood. Operated then for the same. Urological problems 3 years back. Treated with medicines, then. Intestinal problem of acidity is present.
    Comment: lost my expensive mobile phone to theft last month.
    Comment: surprisingly my profession is related to diseases of the respiratory system i.e. lung diseases, TB, pneumonia, etc. I am a chest physician. Had intermittent complaints of cough in between. Now cured.
    Comment: Had: mild head injury - cut in the past.
    I would like to know about my family life / relationship with my parents / my career. Two years back my wife was pregnant but the pregnancy could not continue forward unfortunately. Now again she is pregnant and we hope everything is alright- expecting baby in december /jan.Please do let me know about how are its prospects this time.
    I really thank you for your predictions.
    Comment: I am hard working at work.
    Comment: My parents are currently separated from me due to my inter religion marriage. May be this was destined. I am trying to narrow the gap from my side.
    Comment: I am a postgraduate in medicine. I am currently engaged in teaching job in a medical college. Thus I am a Doctor/ teacher/ engaged in government sector/ highly inclined toward research.
    Comment: I haven’t taken any finances from my family since my marriage. On the contrary, they have been seeking financial help from me which I have been providing in my limited capacity from time to time.
    I am sending pointwise comments on your predictions. (5 planets in ..)
    Comment: Spouse is socially well placed / is in government job / is a Doctor. It was a love marriage. Her parents have accepted the marriage, not my parents till date but my parents have gone soft over time and are on good terms with me but do not want any relationship with my wife.
    Comment: I do take impulsive decisions at times. Have high self pride and have started from zero right after my marriage. By God’s grace am in a satisfactory postion today.
    Comment: My marriage is in fact an interreligion marriage. May be responsible for separation from my parents. Marriage in 2005.
    Comment: I am inclined towards research and do have critical thinking.
    Comment: currently I am in a financial and social satisfactory position.
    Comment: Yes it seems to be taking some time. Currently waiting for September 2014 for promotion.
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