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  • No horary chart, wasting time? may post a thread in the read my chart segment; Ascendant lord venus over 9th may suggest element of luck, moon-mars volatile emotions, ketu is the separative node, from whatever could gather from your message here. best wishes!
    Hi Kshantaram,

    I'm new to this forum and not able to understand where to post the thread. I came across your profile and thought of getting your view on his horary chart.

    I want to know if my ex will contact me this week.

    Hi all,

    I casted a chart this morning at 9.30.46 am (IST) in Bangalore, India. I would like to get your opinions on the chart. Thank you :smile:

    Asc Venus is in 9th house. His house lord Mars is conjoined with Moon in its own house (Aries). Mars is aspecting Venus. Moon and Mars are in the star of Ketu (lord of 3rd house from Asc). Does this mean he is thinking to contact me?

    I would like to understand his position in the horary and what will be the result?

    Look forward to your response.

    Thank you
    Thankyou so much for reading my birth chart and telling all aspects and remedies in details. Your analysis was great, I think you are very gifted and have immense knowledge in this field.
    Greetings kshantaram,
    I would really appreciate your insight on my post. I have uploaded my chart as per your request.
    Hello, Kshantaram :)

    I cannot seem to thank you enough for your in-depth analysis of my chart and the time and effort you put into it! I don't even have the words to express my gratitude and appreciation for you and your help. The vast majority of your analysis was perfectly spot-on and was actually my first Vedic interpretation of my birth chart -- and it impressed me quite a bit!

    I have noticed you do these in-depth readings for many members, and as a previous member on your visitor messages mentioned, you get a lot of positive feedback. I see why. It is good to see that a lot of people appreciate your gift and talents! :)

    Greetings kshantaram,
    I would really appreciate your insight on my post:

    I have consulted astrologers in past, but their predictions were false. Am approaching you because I see a lot of users giving you positive feedback.
    Thank you, PL
    I just want to say your interpretation was amazing, accurate and a blessing to me.

    I hope, wherever you are in the world, you feel happy and as wonderful as you truly deserve. I really just felt like you should know that. :)
    Hello Kshantaram!

    I am Zero. Thank you for your mini-interpretation.

    And yes, for the most part, I can definitely relate to the things you mentioned.

    I wanted to comment that, you were spot on about the medical stuff, especially the Urological.

    Due to recent Medical Malpractice, my Kidney function was damaged, and shortly after I developed Kidney Stones.

    I am extremely interested in Medical Astrology, and I was wondering if you could go into more detail about what led you to the conclusion about Kidney problems.

    Thank you again for your response, I appreciate it. :)

    - Zero
    hello. I always see your answers on message boards and I was wondering if you would read my composite chart? Please.
    Thank you so much, you took your time and gave me more clarity. Best wishes to you!
    Hi sir,
    I have posted my feedback and a query for your reply.
    kindly, have a look at it. your opinion is valuable.

    Hello Kshantaram,

    Any replies for "Venus at 0 Degree" update?

    Can you tell me some ideas of what will happen during Ketu mahadasha?

    hello sir,

    hope you're well. i was wondering if you have any spare time to please have a look at my chart as i'm going through a very difficult time which i have explained in my post below. i've alwyas appreciated your thorough readings and any guidance during this time would be very appreciated. I have posted my chart in the vedic thread

    dob 10th apr 1992; time : 11:52 PM ; place : dubai

    i hope i havent disturbed you, in which case if i have, i apologise

    thank you
    Hello, I've been wondering if you do free Astrology readings? I know it might seem kind of stupid, but your readings seem to be accurate to people. Is it okay if I send you my natal chart? Thank you for your time!
    Hello sir
    how are you ? . Hope you are doing fine if you remeber me i show my son horoscope and u advise few thing. I am from Rajkot and u r from Ahmedabad. I need your help on few things. Can you pl help. How do I send all the details.

    I am a female born on 5-11-1986/Mandya,karnataka/7.45PM/
    How will be my sun MD and Saturn antardasha? Will it effect my married life
    Do I have a neech bhanga Raja yoga for Sun?
    Please predict if my lagna is strong and my marriage related houses.
    Also I have ketu in 5th house, will it affect the progeny prospects?

    I have saturn and mercury in 7th house. Please predict about my marriage. Is there any indications in my chart which causes problems to my in laws?

    I am married to a guy with details 27-4-1983/Bangalore/8.40PM on may 2013.
    Is there any problem with our marriage? Any serious marital discord in our
    Will my horoscope cause any problem to my in laws and my husband's family?
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