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  • Hi Kimbermoon,

    Did you see the message I sent you yesterday? I noticed that after I sent it to you, I went over to my "sent messages" box, and it showed 0 messages sent. Although the envelope icon beside your message showed that it was replied to. Just checking, because in case you don't get the next message I'm about to send you, I may have to find another way to send it to you.
    I don't know if you received my reply or not as it doesn't appear in my sent box? If you haven't received it, is there another way of contacting you?
    Dear Kimbermoon, I am as shocked about the turnout of that thread as you are.
    That's why i'm trying to fix it and find whoever started it. I realise those topics are always going to be delicate, but Still, i have my own mind. And I'd like to hear more from you. It would mean a lot if you could pleae help me with this struggle.
    x Victoria
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