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  • Hey Kimbermoon,

    Thank you so much for my chart analysis. I was wondering if you could elaborate further on your findings (you said to message you if I was interested). Also, their wedding will be June 3rd.
    Hi that random reading was so unexpected but sweet thank you kimbermoon~<3
    you seem to know what youre saying, and can alot about astrology so is awesome! :)
    i like to see your chart but i don't think you have it here, and thats fine

    plus we are friends

    yay! :3
    Thank you so much Ms. kimbermoon,
    You are so nice to help read my chart. Whenever you have time, can you please help me with some questions I have regarding to the Uranus in my chart. THANK YOU so much Ms. kimbermoon
    Hi there. Haven't been around in a while but hope you're doing well. I posted my chart looking for a little hope; I'm having such a hard time. I hope things are good with you.
    hey thanku for your reply! you very quite accurate. I had another query in relation to the same could u please look at it? it's on 'interpreting this composite' on 'read my chart'.

    Thanks a tonn!
    I wanted to thank you for your response, it was very nice for me. For reasons, I stated, I took it down, in order to work on it a little more. I don't feel very good now, so it will be a while before I remedy it. However, I did not want to appear rude, or non interested in the time you took to relate with me, I thank you for it . Be well.
    Hi Kimbermoon, This is Dreambearer. Sort of a newbie to astro and so was wondering. Having studied natal charts, it seems that signs are divided into decans. Since planets are dignified in certain houses, can houses have decans too? Hope you can help me. For example, I have a 12th house Jupiter in Leo. It is 9 degrees in the 12th house, would that mean it's 9 degrees in Pisces (with the notion that sign=planet). I know its an old idea, but what about the house decans? Any clues?
    oh yes about this aspects you interpreted for me , i can say that are really true. Judging wasn't always my good aspect in life and as a Capricorn that was a lesson for me to always stand on the side of the weaker. As a result of that i started studying psychology so i can help and understand more people and start not to do what they did to me (judging me). I guess here the transformation had the main role , instead of becoming frustrated and mean i was and still am trying to understand and help people as much as i can. About my parents , they don't really support my identity and once they found out about that but never accepted it. Now i don't say anything about my love life and they don't ask , they pretend it was a period in my period that is long gone. However you can freely use my natal chart in any kind of studies you want , and again thank you for the detail report of it :)
    thank you very very much i guess with me being homosexual it is normally to have such tricky love aspects.. however i was glad to hear your opinion and i can say that 99% of what you said was true

    thank you Kim
    i uploaded images from my natal chart on my profile in the albums and i can't wait to hear your view of my love aspects. Please write me on private message , i had problem with sending you a reply.

    thank you for the help Kim
    Hi dear Kim!

    I just want to say that I am really grateful of what you have done! I shall keep in touch with you and see how you are. I will also keep you updated about my life :)
    I'm so grateful to you for your reply, Kim ^^ Please provide more data for me as you said, I really need your help, Kim! :( Please help me...Lots of thanks from me to you!
    P.S: you can send me to my email for private ^^ my mail is: ^^
    Thanks Kim for all the help. Holding my glass of lemonade up high for you. Cheers. Namaste :)
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