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    Chart for publication of an Ebook

    So I have a question on theory/technique in casting an electional chart (I know, not horary, but similar in how they're read, and I can't find a board for Electional astrology). I did a chart for a book's release, or I've tried, but a couple aspects left me puzzled. It's *primary* means of...
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    aspects and configurations...that make good writers

    Not only is it never too late to start writing, but writing is one of those fields that actually FAVORS age, as it brings with it experience and experienceS. A writer writes what she knows (or researches like hell), and so the more experiences one has, the deeper the well one can draw on. (And...
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    aspects and configurations...that make good writers

    You have a lovely minor-grand trine between your Pisces Sun, Pluto for depth, and the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the mid/late 90s at the apex. These all suggest that your fundamental self is hooked in to the largely social consciousness, which is good for a writer: to be able to speak to...
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    Are there any personality traits associated with having scorpio on the nadir?

    My son has this, and I'd say a certain secrecy about his private life is characteristic. Some of that may be that he's a boy (several of my friends with several children of both sexes all comment on the fact their daughters talk to them, and their sons do not). But my son is actively...
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    Saturn square Saturn

    I know this is an older discussion, but thought I'd drop in on this, as I have a T-Saturn (final) square N-Saturn, and I have to agree with both Rosie and Bob ... I went back to see what happened the LAST time I had this aspect...and I graduated from college, with a scholarship to grad school...
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    (Synastry) Saturn hard aspects: karma and restriction

    Hi, we can't see that chart because it's logged into you. You'll need to download it, saving it as a .gif, then reupload it here as an attachment. Sun-Pluto would be a power-struggle. The Pluto person has power over the Sun person (but not not feel the same return draw, or if s/he does, the...
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    Approaching and Separating transits

    Interesting, thank you. As noted, I was told to look primarily at applying, but when observing events, haven't found it to be exactly true, *especially* with the outer planets. I've found it more true with the inner planets, but their effects are brief anyway.
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    Approaching and Separating transits

    First, forgive me if this has been discussed. I did a somewhat cursory search. But I'm curious what folks' experiences are with approaching versus separating transits. Specifically: 1) I've frequently heard that transits are really effective only on approach. Once they're past exact, they...
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    Urgent: charts for placed contest

    I recently learned that not one, but TWO of my novel manuscripts finalled in a writing contest. There are 13 finalists, and I have two of those. In light of this, I'm considering going to the awards ceremony despite a 5-6 hour drive, in part to "network." It may be worth my ultimate career...
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    Venus conjunct Mars and Attractiveness

    My son has Mars-Venus, with Uranus and Neptune in the mix (6th house stellum mostly in Aquarius with Neptune at 28.5 degrees of Capricorn) + Leo rising and a 5th house Sun-Mercury combo. But a WHOLE bunch of planets also aspect his ascendant. Some astrologers don't count Grand Trines with...
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    Venus conjunct Mars and Attractiveness

    My son has Venus conjunct Mars, but in a 6th-house stellum that includes Neptune and Uranus. Ergo, this is not a "pure" conjunction in that it has other planetary influences, but of the 4 planets, it has the closest conjunction. Furthermore, it's mostly in Aquarius, but Neptune in Capricorn...
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    First, let me note that my chart is linked in my signature.\ Second, I am a writer, as well as an academic, and have published academic non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. I also lecture frequently, and have a good reputation as a teacher and charismatic public speaker. I say all that not to...
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    Some questions about a house purchase/mortgage signing

    Hypatia -- You may want to see my somewhat more recent post on the topic here: I wound up NOT signing when the Moon was VOC for a variety of reasons, largely (again) out of my control.
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    New House Mortgage ... thoughts

    I asked a while back about a potential chart for a house mortgage, didn't get a reply and probably just as well, as a number of things changed between proposed time and real time ... not least that the Moon ceased being VOC (thankfully), although the delay nearly gave me a nervous breakdown...
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    Some questions about a house purchase/mortgage signing

    I have some questions about figuring proper times to read charts regarding the purchase of my new house. As some of you probably know, there's more than one event involved in buying (or selling) a house, and (unfortunately) one doesn't always have much say in timing (or dates). The first...