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  • I wish. I have Mercury conjunct the desc. And I have Venus in the 7th. But my Sun is in the lowly 6th house...
    :O are you a gemini??

    Actually, what's your Sun, moon, and rising if you don't mind me asking...? :happy:
    Capricorn: The rocky, barren landscape of the highest mountains is often inhospitable to life, including simple organisms like bacteria, archae and fungi. The mountain rams must eke out some food for their survival.
    Taurus: Warm, moist, fertile earth, with blooming flowers, trees, lush vegetation, and lots of glow from the sunlight. The garden of Venus :love:

    Virgo: Shifting sand dunes, the sand found in hour glass that were kept in the library of Alexandria, and clay tablets used in ancient civilizations to keep records. The domain of Mercury :happy:

    Aries: Meteor showers on a clear midnight sky of the mountains, creating its mark on the sky. The swift burning flames of Mars :cool:

    Your turn!
    Hey there! Thanks for chatting with me about the zero degree. What type of chart do you have and what are the aspects your sun has?
    Hi Katy! Hope all is well for you and yours. Have a happy holiday and all good things in 2010!
    Hey Kate, how are you? Haven't seen you in forums. Hope you're fine. I'd like to chat with you sometime about a new topic I'm investigating. 9 personas & problem planets. Never used chat here. Let me know if your free sometime. Abundance, Camilo
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