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  • Hi Kannon-Yes what you're suggesting sounds good.Basically, I'll leave it up to you and when you are ready just pm me...and we'll take it from there.Lilly
    You're welcome Kannon!

    How do you feel about the direction of the thread now? I see you've responded and are comfortably keeping the thread on track.

    As for the rules-- thanks for adhering so closely! As far as the bit about the non-astrological energy healing-- what we are more concerned with is people posting 3.99 a minute psychic readings. Let me know if you'd like your thread re-threaded.

    It seems fine now. Good :)

    Thanks Mod,

    I appreciate your response. Having reviewed the forum rules it seems my only violation of rules was to make mention of energy healing (non-astrological). That can be removed without request from me at any time. I have confidence that it will be worked out between moderators and members just fine.

    Thanks again.
    Hi Kannon-

    Just following up regarding your post in the Advertising Section. It has gotten buried under a myriad of other issues. I'm working on a way to remedy the situation and you should be able to post your services in a short time without worry of other issues being tacked on. I'll edit it the thread, and then repost your post, and maybe Arian's support of your post, when it becomes possible.

    take care!

    Hi Kannon:
    I'm glad you want to do an Article for the Ed Board! Please write a draft copy and send it to me either by pm or to : lillyjgc@hotmail.com.
    We have a Team who review all submissions, then we suggest edits to you etc and when everyone's happy we get you to post it up in the relevant section of Ed Board.
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