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  • Hello. I read some of your postings and I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me with vocation matters, which was always a dilema for me, and now with my saturn return I'm feeling I'm in a life with no meaning. If you could take a look at my chart I would be much appreciated. And what mantras would you recommend me ? Thank you very much. Namaste

    city: Barcelos
    country: Portugal
    41 N 32 8 W 37
    time: 6.10 a.m.
    Hi Kannan,

    My wife has applied for seperation. My DOB is 09th May 1975 @ 11.55 AM @ Mumbai , India
    and her DOB is 24th February 1978 @12.50 AM @ Copenhagen , Denmark

    Please refer our charts and kindly inform the following :

    1) Is this marriage doomed for Seperation / Divorce?
    2) Any chances of rejoining back? If yes, will this marriage any way survive eventually?
    3) Is this partner worth for me?
    4) Do I have a Mangalik Dosha?
    5) If this marriage goes for a toss, will I ever get a new partner matching me? In other words, will I re marry again? Do I have a good marriage in my destiny?
    6) Overall strength of my horoscope
    7) Will I be able to settle abroad?
    8) any serious financial problems indicated ever? Any debts? Any loss due to bad habits, cheating/frauds etc?
    9) any serious health problems indicated ever?
    10) I always live in insecurities and hence do not ever have peace, even though I am spiritual. Will I always live a life of worries?

    Thank you in advance for your time,
    Read Adithyahrudayam on Sundays early morning. This would you give lot of strength and confidence to you to win over competitors and enemies. I do not have much experience in the use of Gems


    Pl. give the coordinates(Long.and lat.) of Rajpura. Is it Rajpura or Rajpur in MP

    Is it 3.58 AM or PM ? Also give the coordinates of Rajpura

    Hello Kannan,

    Thankyou for ur interest in providing me some input. My DOB is 6/18/62 and time is 3:58 and place Rajpura, India. I could not figure out how to attach the chart here so just gave you the birth details instead.
    I read some of your answers and was wondering if you are interesting in telling me about my dashas. I'm also going to go through rahu mahadasha and was interested in knowing what that would entail. Please reply if you are interested and I will give you my DOB and time. Thankyou!
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