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    Anything interesting about my chart?

    Hello! What's interesting to me is your nodes in intercepted signs. The North node in the 2nd house: issues of self-worth, needing to find ways to create things of value, that have a sense of value to you, and breaking the tendency to crisis, requiring the support of others, worried about what...
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    Chart reading?

    There are many interpretations. You should look at where your parents' planets are in your chart and vice versa. But the nodes are tricky. A lot of work and karma in this life must be worked on before you can get a clear picture of what is happening. Look to people in your life who have...
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    Any reasons as to why we've been together for almost 4 years despite our charts?

    Hello! Without the exact birthtimes for both parties, the synastry charts can't tell you where each other's planets fit. Also the composites will be off. But without the birthtimes we can still see Saturn at work. Your Sun (sextiling) and Moon (squaring) it (his Saturn). Your Saturn to his...
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    Chart reading?

    Hello! You have an interesting aspect, N. node conjunct the IC. I'm curious how this has played/will play out in your life. Just from looking and reflecting on your chart, I think a major player is the Moon in the 7th house. Suggest doing lunar returns. Also, if I am not mistaken, it appears...
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    What do you think of this synastry chart?

    Depending on the birth time of the outer, but it looks like Moon(him)-Saturn(you) is at play, which would make this potentially binding. It's glue and meaningful, if that helps.
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    Here we go, NFL predictions

    I'm going with the Falcons winning. Thanks so much for posting.
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    Here we go, NFL predictions

    Hi all, I've been away for a few years but have made a triumphant return to try my hand at sports astrology for the first time (my fave team the Atlanta Falcons are in the NFL playoffs). Any experienced enthusiasts out there who could start/add to a knowledgeable thread? Edit: I'm in the...
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    Hello World !!

    Hi folks, a new soul joined me to help bring in the aquarian age. My baby boy was born yesterday. He's gonna have a lot of Uranian energy, with Sun & Mars both conjunct exact in Aquarius, Neptune and Chiron both in Aquarius. He also has Venus square Uranus. (My rising is Aquarius) It's funny...
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    Midheaven in equal house system

    Hi, I think the Midheaven is just the Midheaven and nothing can change that. The Midheaven is just another personal point. The Midheaven can't be in the 9th or 10th house, it can only be in a sign. Yet the planets can be in houses. But I see the Midheaven as a personal point, just like the...
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    I hooked up with my co-worker.. was this a long time coming?

    Hi, his Saturn conjuncting your MC is interesting. Perhaps you are drawn to this person for a reason, like learning how to get your life on track. Cause he can teach you that. Also, I notice your Jupiter conjuncting his South node, so this could feel great for him now but not for the long term...
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    I have 4 planets in 3rd house, but houses 1,5,6,7,12 are empty

    Need a chart, but with a strong 3rd house it would mean something about siblings, communication, etc. And it also depends on the house system you use. And it also matters who's ruling the 3rd house. Need a chart for that. Depending on the house system, I have 6 planets in the 10th. Well, the...
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    My chart - I plan on responding with questions

    Blue is easy energy flow. Red is not so easy. Often, when things are too easy (for example, too many vacation days), we don't accomplish anything. And when things are difficult (schedule's packed, everybody is asking us for something, etc) we accomplish a great deal. There's a lot of...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi Welcome! I already replied to one of your threads. Astrology is cool but nothing beats life experience. And if you can combine them both... priceless. Kaminari
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    The Craziest Cancer of Them All!

    Hi, His Jupiter is on your N node and your Moon is on his N node. This has karmic written all over it. Also, your N node is in the 7th and his in Aries. This axis tends to blow hot and cold in relationships. Maybe you're looking for something deep and fulfilling and wondering if this person is...
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    Where do my talents lie? im lost

    Hi, I would say that you are a born artist, and that in this lifetime you're gonna struggle with your identity. Perhaps you are seeing what you do as defining who you are, so what you wanna do will define who you will become. But you aren't who you will become, you are who you are. It is this...