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    How my future husband will be?

    The person i was in relationship with for 5 years is getting engaged next month with some other girl. I was literally shattered but now i gathering myself again and moving on. But some sort of strange fear developing inside me. It is "if i will ever get somebody who will love me...
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    should i be friends with him or just move on?

    To be very honest i have little ego and anger issues.. And he was totally opposite. But during last one year his temperament changed alot. He became moody, egoistic. Lot of ego clashes among both of us. No doubt we both were in love with each other truly but something was pulling us apart.
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    should i be friends with him or just move on?

    Thank you for your reply. I am feeling better now. Recovering day by day and now waiting for my true soul mate. Thanks once again.
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    should i be friends with him or just move on?

    i think you are right. i should just let this go.
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    should i be friends with him or just move on?

    I was in relationship for 5 Years. Now he has moved on and getting married probably by the end of this year. I want to to know should i still continue to be his friend or i should just cut of all my contacts with him. He is a nice person. I want him to be part of my life if not as a life...
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    Love relationship question

    Your insights were quite true as yes i crave for love but i dont get that easily. Also i am planning to have hair transplantation surgery as u even mentioned above head surgery. I am prone to stomach diseases. I am a chartered accountant so yes i earn by management skill. Can you please...
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    Love relationship question

    Thank you so much sir.. I can see a ray of hope with all your findings. I was very upset and this made me feel better. I want to get married to somebody from my same city delhi.. But as per your and one more astrologer's prediction it could be with foreigner which is little scary though i...
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    Will I be lonely for my whole life?

    Sir please reply at my post also in the "vedic Section". Its a request. title : when will i meet my life partner?
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    when will i meet my life partner?

    I am feeling very lonely these days, boy i love is getting married. We were in relationship for 5 year and it is very difficult to move on now. I am going through deep depression and trying to move on too. Please tell me when will i get my life partner? When will i get married? how my married...
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    Love relationship question

    Please see that chart sir, thank you so much for your valuable time.
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    sidereal vedic chart?

    can some body help me in generating sidereal vedic hindu lahiri whole signs geo-centric chart. i really need to send this chart for chart analysis.
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    will i ever get married?

    Thank you so much for your reply. My sisters delivery is due in july. I guess that post june prediction is stating about that happiness. Please tell me how my husband and my martial life would be.
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    When will i get married and how my married life would be.

    Please see below my chart and suggest.