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  • Thank you for not only answering my questions, but teaching me about horary with a tone that isn't angry, but thoughtful! :)
    The answer is:
    'A planet in aspect to the Ascendant may form a trine


    when two planets are in aspect to the ascendant,
    the ascendant itself cannot form part of a 'Grand Trine'
    because Ascendant is not a planet
    and therefore Ascendant cannot itself 'Trine' any planet...'
    HEY...come on man..you started a discussion in my thread and never actually answered my question!!
    A Virgo Jupiter is influenced by Mercury. By the way, the house and sign location of each natal planet is entirely dependent on the house system chosen. That's because the words houses and signs meant the same thing, so a planet in Virgo was also a planet in the house of Virgo - basically there were no real houses as we know of today
    I also have jupiter in my ascendant but its doesnt show. Its under virgo and shares the same house with saturn.
    Rome took a while to build and it's a fabulous city. Well worth persevering with your studies!
    I did deliberately choose capitals ptolomy! btw Your avatar name has me chuckling every time! - somehow the 'om' is preferable to ptedious ptolemy! And the avatar scarab is a work of art :smile:
    I have just noticed the spelling of your name,All in CAPITALS lol.Thats very fitting as i would expect someone with Jupiter conjunct the Ascendent to always begin each project with big words.I assume you intentionally chose to spell your avatar name like this?:)
    Hi ptolomy good to have your input - the conscience thread in a new guise to highlight your perceptive question 'do you have a conscience?' which homes in succinctly on the root of the malaise afflicting our increasingly dysfunctional societies on a worldwide scale is a great idea - chwarae teg!! 'twas on your thread I met tsmall while reading those insightful comments that are indeed her trademark. Your thread brought the three of us together and we not only had great fun but also it's my impression that all of us contributors, as well as readers of your thread realised that 'conscience' has a deep, pivotal and crucial function in all of our lives. A new heading for a debate on conscience.... Do it! Jonathan Orchard's prizewinning song reminds us that none of us did anything in the 'past' because we did it in the 'Now' so THE PRESENT has the power! It's hilarious how controversial 'smileys' can be... perhaps it is a sign of the times!! :smile: Take care mon ami et bon chance
    Lol,I just wanted to add an extra few words which unfortunately the script wont allow more than 1000 words so i shorten what ive written but in the process it doesnt make sense as ive removed crucial connections between sentences,:),any way my dear spiritual friend,I was very impressed and moved by your previous words about all our paths after this incarnation,Beautiful,thank you so much,And please,If you can think of a way of resurrecting our conscience thread,im in:):):):):):) just geting my extra smilies in as ive got lots of letters left before 1000.
    Ps ,your chat is almost always folloed or finished with a smiley,its almost your signature mark my friend:),and why not:):):):):)
    Hi My dear friend
    I have just been looking over our chat with Tsmall on the 'Do you have a conscience' thread,Your right.It was a great thread,You had some great ideas on the subject,Looking back i wish you had spoken more on your own experience of conscience.It was great that you prompted me with various ideas though,It took me quite a while to understand Tamaras/Tsmalls ideas as she is so bright she makes me have to think extra:),It would be wonderful to resurrect the thread,I just feel a bit odd doing such things,Maybe restart the thread with a new heading?I just see conscience as a wonderfull obvious spiritual blessing that everyone should be encouraged to see and witness and hopefully begin to observe and act on its promptings positively,Im sure that if people were made to become aware of it at as early an age as possible, so as to help them direct their lives to become more spiritually logical?,lol,the world has got to be a better place: for it:)
    Tamara and I frequently wondered over the past year how you are getting along, but actually you did tell me by pm a few months ago that you had refused a rather drastic operation, and that it was a risk because then the disease may return - but at that time you did not go into any detail. The idea that death is one of those exits to somewhere else seems an apt one. Also a poetic friend who experienced death wrote before he died: "GOING AWAY...Death is a word for going away Not sad or happy Like rainbows we come and go until the colour is right And the darkness is gone And we can see who we are And where we belong" At some stage - like rainbows - we vanish... take care my good friend, may you be happy and well at all times and in all realms now and in the future, in time and beyond time - at some stage I too shall be making an exit - none is excepted :smile:
    Hi old friend,As usual great to hear from you and i really appreciate your carefully thought out words,very much appreciated brother.
    I guess Tamara told you the news that i have approximately 2 months to a year,I wont have the operation they think could stop the spread as it involves removing everything below my belly button,No bowels no bladder no thing below the waist at all,very strange,Thanks but no thanks,I could die on the operating table or the cancer could still come back,also i would be so debilitated with so much removed that i would find this intolerable.I want to die without extra problems to complicate my exit.I think higher conciousness wants me to leave around this time,I think it was planned a long time ago,very likely i agreed my duration on earth before i incarnated.Its no problem,It was going to happen in the next 30 years or even earlier,so its got its advantages,I have no loose ends,My sons and family will be prepared,Only love holds me hear.:)

    Love and Light :)
    Thanks Angels, that good to be appreciated! Keep discovering more astrological marvels - it's fun and useful as well :smile:
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