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    I don't know why I'm obsessing on you.
    of course, Believe me I forget Forum Search button.
    LOL I don't know how I couldn't remember it. sorry
    perhaps because of I'm so excited in this place, good day.
    was it bad approach ? I thought you would guide me about this. however Your decision, No problem I never think to offend you. perhaps I wasn't be clearly
    Hi JupiterAsc, Mystery Parans!

    I live at 5 Nurserymans Rd, New Southgate, London, N11 1DW, my phone No. is 0208 211 4873, however use a public phone box to ring me, if you have a lap top, i can put Brady's Paran Programme on your computer free of charge.

    I'm going to start my last thread soon that will cover all Olympics from 1896 to the present time, all were aligned to Sirius or Alnilam, what forum would you put this?

    Perhaps Sports forum?
    Perhaps Mundane forum?

    Perhaps you have a better idea?

    Please note if you did live in London, i would never disclose your address, however make sure you never give it to me, use public phone boxes.

    Regards Monk, some of this mail you may not reply to, however the advice about where to place a thread about Olympics in forum would be very interesting for me!
    I got this report that according to Bernadette Brady, again (already knew there), just I have forgotten. Oh poor I am just as horary issue. :)
    anyway lets start with Heliacal Rising Star : Betelgeuse (0 days earlier)
    I said I can't get this, actually it's earlier to my less knowledge about parans but I'm just wondering, have fallen you again my helpful friend.
    If I send mine all the Birth info ?
    so which software usable for parans ? ( with some explanation,that will be good)
    I used Solar Fire v7. but now it's uninstalled, I want to try other one.
    also need a free or cracked version :D do you really buy it ?
    My interest is that the chart appears to be aligned to four powerful fixed stars
    known in the ancient world as the Royal Stars and I'm interested as to whether your
    software program finds the same parans as that of Rumen Kolev
    Hi JupiterAsc,

    I have the same chart pending in my files, however i have forgotten why i left it pending, obviously being ill, and researching all history this can happen, can you say why your interest....i try to keep good files but i can get lost in them.....give me some help?
    That's great news Lily1983 that you learned more regarding horary! I personally have discovered excellent advice regarding horary by reading the posts of BobZemco who has a very deep and thorough understanding of astrology.
    Thank you for not only answering my questions, but teaching me about horary with a tone that isn't angry, but thoughtful! :)
    The answer is:
    'A planet in aspect to the Ascendant may form a trine


    when two planets are in aspect to the ascendant,
    the ascendant itself cannot form part of a 'Grand Trine'
    because Ascendant is not a planet
    and therefore Ascendant cannot itself 'Trine' any planet...'
    HEY...come on man..you started a discussion in my thread and never actually answered my question!!
    A Virgo Jupiter is influenced by Mercury. By the way, the house and sign location of each natal planet is entirely dependent on the house system chosen. That's because the words houses and signs meant the same thing, so a planet in Virgo was also a planet in the house of Virgo - basically there were no real houses as we know of today
    I also have jupiter in my ascendant but its doesnt show. Its under virgo and shares the same house with saturn.
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