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  • Asia? Someones lucky; Im very jealous. You should put any good pictures on here, to make me even more jealous. Me? - Im taking driving lessons? Yeah i have a boring life i think XD x
    oh and dont forget if you ever gona find a wise man you fill find him in asia... somwehere. make the most of it!
    Aha so you have...
    Kristen the Icelanic Aquarius :D
    You always seem to message me when I least expect it.

    Ill talk to you on that anyway...
    First il think about what its like having a libra moon and a capricon stellium so we can exchange wisdom on the matter.

    Safe :)
    have you been reading my threads? tsk tsk tsk ;) Thanks anyway, appreciate it. but plans have been changed a bit :p

    Great pics btw. are you a model?
    Haha, feknose why that didnt work.
    contact us on www.spungie.live.com

    I almost never use it
    Bit il keep an eye open :)
    I dont undestand this website myself...

    keep in touch tho! :)
    Thanks Kristin. :)
    I just took stuff I knew about me that we had in common and squeezed it into the right houses. I've only studied astrology myself about 3 years but I picked up alot from my mum intuitively when I was a kid.

    I'm glad theres someone out there who has the T square like me. My best freind does, but his sun is in libra not his moon. As intriguing as your capricorn stellium is it all fits snugly into my fith house. I'm safe here in rainy England but if I knew you in person you could snare me like a helpless insect... :unsure:

    Regardless, you should be more active here!
    Hello kristin, I've not been too active here myself lately. Thanks for the salut! :D. I hope your well.

    We share the same complicated libra T square. We have a similar setup but just different houses. I find the cancer/capricorn opposition confusing, there are some very uplifting planets and energies here, but also chiron and saturn.

    Wow thats quite a stellium in the first house. I imagine you'd be a very interesting person to meet. I'd guess you stand out from the crowd, weather you like it or not... (or both perchance?)

    I figure with those planets in the 7th house you have a strong bond with those you care for, but perhaps some bad luck in that area during childhood/adolescance?

    I'm simply translating my experiences with this aspect into your houses so maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps you could correct any of my bad interpretations? I've always learned more about this aspect (and myself) by talking to those who share it with me. All the best,
    Hi Jupiter, thanks for joining the group. I was just about to post more nonsense on my latest twins obsession in there, and I was delighted to see another new member. Thankyou :smile:
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