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    Solar Return for 11.15.2018 Confused

    Hello folks, :-) I was curious what you thought about my solar return for 2018 and for 2019... the only thing is I'm confused as to which one (s) I should choose off of as it lists the years in an odd way. So, I attached 2 of them in addition to my birth chart... I apologise for...
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    What is your mars like and how assertive are you?

    Mars in Scorpio and not very. I hate conflict and will do what I can to avoid it.
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    ADD/ADHD Natal Charts

    Hello greybeard, please excuse me for being mentally vague, but I'm not sure if you're writing to me or not. If so,in response to what you're saying... I have social anxiety as well as general anxiety and I can get restless when bored, have cabin fever, am in a long line, inside too long ...
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    ADD/ADHD Natal Charts

    I definitely could see how a T-Square and/or the 5th house might make difference especially with the moon involved or maybe Neptune(?) Though I'm not familiar with the trends involved as I only just started looking into this. My oldest sister has her sun and mars in the 5th house (capricorn)...
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    ADD/ADHD Natal Charts

    I'm not sure what aspects are associated with ADHD (unfortunately my focus is terrible and I'm classically procrastinating to boot), but I can post my chart. Hopefully it works.
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    Confusion between Equal house system (MC) and Equal House

    That makes a lot of sense. Ascendant based for me it is then. Thank You! :joyful:
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    Confusion between Equal house system (MC) and Equal House

    I figured that part of it out. :-) I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. Maybe I'm over thinking it. I just wonder if it's something that can be used all of the time as a natal chart or is it the type of chart ( I'm referring to the MC based chart) that has the kind of "general"...
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    Confusion between Equal house system (MC) and Equal House

    I noticed that there seems to be two different types of equal house system and I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference is? I have been using one type, and I enjoy using it, but then I tried the other type (the MC based one) today and noticed fairly significant alterations in my...
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    Your Rising Sign and Your Mother's Moon

    I was born C-Section my rising sign is Gemini 29 degrees, so pretty much on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer and my Mom's moon is in Cancer. I also noticed that my Mom's rising sign and my Midheaven are both in Pisces. My mom's Sun is in Virgo and my moon is in Virgo. Interesting :sideways::smile:
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    Dyscaculia in the natal chart

    I also have dyscalculia and possibly ADD. My Moon is in Virgo in my 3rd house, so maybe Earth signs that are in bad aspect,(?) have something to do with it, I agree. I always wondered where it might show up in my chart. :-)
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    Midheaven Square Natal Neptune

    I also have Neptune square Midheaven (in Pisces) I agree, I need my work to mean something to me. I also can not be around negative people because I pick up there energies. Also, I have some confusion about my career, I have had a lot of trouble picking something, always wondering if I'm...
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    Help Intrepreting Progressed Chart Please

    Natal Progressed
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    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    Thank you for the information. I guess I have been misinformed. :-) So with that then I believe Jupiter Rx Taurus is the singleton then. I have planets in my 2,3,4,5,6,7 houses and then Jupiter is in my 11th house.
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    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    Yes, I have a Gemini Ascendant. :-)
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    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    My singleton is Pluto in Libra, the only planet I have in air. I'm not sure how this plays out in my chart exactly. :unsure::o