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    That's a good idea! I didn't think of that.
    I would like to, but it would be weird if I just sent her an email with only one person interested.
    Can I include you in the email? I wont use your name, it's so that I can get an excuse to say 'Hey, WE missed you' or something of that sort...
    Insulting pro-life anti large scale agricultural activists. Who I think have a point! But the way you don't and say it, is funny, in the context of what else you say and being you. :-DD
    Hey Jesse, caught up on your last few Cultural Corner posts, and I just have to say here - since you have that don't-comment-in-the-thread-itself rule - that I love you little genius!! xxx
    Nope. Libertarian. We're like Democrats with business sense. Or Republicans with bongs and gay friends. Whichever analogy you want to use.

    The fact that I have managed to come across as liberal is actually quite emberassing, to be honest. I need to connect to my political roots here on the forum. Call for the legalization of prostitution! Change my signature back to a libertarian quote! Lower taxes! Signs infringe on my right to drive! All that crazy sh*t!
    You can reply to any of the threads I make that aren't the Cultural Corner. I prefer to keep the list shortened down to just the sites I post about, for the convenience of new group members that haven't been following along from week one. The other two threads I set up are just basic perks to being in the group, for everyone to use at their convenience. Everything else is up to the members.
    So I've started the new thread and deleted my posts from the "Cultural Corner" one, in case you'd like to go there and delete/edit the message you left me concerning them :) Thanks for clearing things up! <3
    Aww haha ok I can help! I don't know where I got the idea that you WERE an egomaniacal prick that wanted to control all the threads. I now get that your rules only apply to your own threads. So we can't reply to them? That's pretty sad. And lonely. Anyhow seriously huge props for maintaining the group this long.
    If deleting Holyblitz' discussion gave you that idea, it's because he started a new thread about picking a group icon before he noticed the "Picking a Group Icon" thread. Also, he made a joke that crossed the line(see the "In Memory Of" thread for the details).

    I've been waiting for you(or anybody, really) to start a new thread(s). I made the group for people to communicate with each other through, and nobody is starting discussions! WTF! Honestly, I feel like people assume I'm some kind of egomaniacal prick when they look at who's started all the threads.
    Hey Jesse, should I start a new discussion in the Nerd Herd about non mainstream astrology and subsequent explorations?

    The topic I brought up I pretty much already posted on another thread called "rectifying a conception chart" and started by Moon Unit, but yes I really wouldn't mind sharing it with more people. EDIT: especially since I do really love all the tangents astrology can go off on, that discussion could become a safe place to explore and invite others to explore with me.

    PS. I added my posts to your cultural corner discussions, because as it is apparent I'm not sure that I have your permission Sir to start new discussions? Long story short that's what I'm asking.
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