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    Saturn in 5th house, ruler of seventh

    Not asking, just saying. Please see my birth details and share your analysis: Jay, 01/05/1986, 11:55 AM, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. [please upload your birth chart or go to a link site such as imgur or imgbb ( is NOT a link site), upload your chart there, and post the link - Moderator]
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    Saturn in 5th house, ruler of seventh

    Saturn 5th house, lord of 7th. Retrograde. Cancer Ascendant. 36 year old male, virgin, unmarried, no children.
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    Are all Cancer Ascendant doom to marry later in life?

    I am a Saturn 5th house, Cancer ascendant. I have just flown into love even when i didn't like it and ended up bitter and disappointed. Moreover, the 5th house adds painful elements like having to be with an older woman and to be excessively passionate. Really sad placement. Ruins life even...